Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Positivity RULES

Hey bloggies! LOL hope your days are going well. Mine is.... I just stumbled on this video and couldn't help but share. It is very healthy and good to speak positivity into your days. Don't just "freestyle" as the day goes by.My daily confession is something my mother made me say everyday before I went to school(primary school). Needless to say, I automatically grew the habit of saying it unconsciously after primary school graduation and high school-uptil now (In college). LOL On another note, this is the most stressful time of the semester. Finals and all are here. Push people. We are almost there. We can do it!

I am healthy.
I am prosperous.
My soul prospers in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus,
even Jesus the Word.
Anything I set my hands on, will succeed.
I cannot be conquered.
I cannot be defeated.
I cannot fail.
For me to fail,
God will have to fail,
And God does not fail,
so I do not fail.
I am an agent of love.

So I just saw this video of this little girl who clearly is in love with her EVERYTHING. I couldn't help but share. Enjoy!

Random Fact:

~Approximate number of facial expressions dogs make: 100.

Love you all.


Friday, November 5, 2010

In search of "happy".

Contentment I have often heard comes from the satisfaction you feel from the things you already possess and not from having all the things you want.

She dug deep into her closet,
She searched tirelessly for heaven knows what.
she wailed in frustration and was bitter.
Her heap of "still tagged" designer clothes still did not give her peace
Instead, she wanted more...she thrived on novelty- the feeling was euphoric.
She looked for her wallets, debit cards, credit cards and stray cash
Oh! She had to go and buy happiness

She bragged about being content to all who listened,
Eventhough she knew deep down inside she wasn't.
187 pairs of shoes, 243 bags and......still counting.
She believed that money could buy her happiness,
In her feeble understanding of life, she sought for "happy"-whatever that word even meant.

Her outside was exuding with wealth and riches
But her inside........was starved.
She believed she had everything
Yet she had nothing.

Random fact:
~male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth from 7 miles away. :D

Have a wickiiiddddd weekend loves.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude.

I am thankful, for life in all its entirety.
I am thankful for what I know, even what I am yet to know.
I am thankful for the stormy days.
I especially am happy for the rainbows after every rain.
I am thankful for the conditional and seasonal people in my life. They taught me a lesson on strength and courage.
I am thankful for the 24-hour walls that have been more than friends.
I am happy that I have the ability to think and be creative.
I am privileged to grow up morally sound.
I am thankful that my life has no regrets, I take lessons out of every situation.
I am thankful that I know who I am.
I am thankful that I am my own person. No one defines me.
.....I am thankful that I have potentials to be whatever I choose to be. I am thankful for EVERYTHING. I am!!!

Random fact:
A prayer without thanksgiving is defective.


Monday, May 10, 2010

English 101: Professional lessons from the Amateur.

A noun according to the dictionary is a person, place animal or thing.

A noun is a person: She was someone I passed a lot of time with, shared my space and such. She was the kind of person to speak with the wisdom of an old woman, yet she did not know the intensity of the words she spoke.She is the person behind the 5-inch heels and Mac make-up. She is the person whose identity i shall not disclose.

A noun is a place: The place is the habitat of the man that sucked life out of her every time he thrust himself deep into her. She hated this place but she ran to it like it was a sanctuary of serenity. She would sneak out by telling tales of wanting to visit the sister she despised, all to heal her collage of brokeness, or so she thought.

A noun is an animal: An eagle is the animal I pray for her to shadow after in due time. She sees herself as a snail right now, like life is passing her by. She is blind to the fact that there is an eagle inside of her, if only she would search within. She constantly hides in her shell when she has the ability to fly.

A noun is a thing: This was the weed she smoked at corners of emptiness she squeezed herself into when she was 'hiding from reality.' It was the cocaine she injected herself with, pushing shots of bitterness into her system and wondering why sweetness and happiness knew her not. It was the bottle of alcohol she drank every morning like a ritual once she rolled over her bed in the mornings of new days.

She described the perfect noun but forgot the adjectives her life was missing, like beautiful, wealth of knowledge and the likes.

Everyday, a person dies inside due to one problem or the other. If you have no words or ways to lift their spirit, give them the smile you have on your face. It goes a long way.

Random fact:
~Women experience depression about twice as often as men.

Have a wonderful week.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter. Death. Life

.....They put the nails through His hands, and pierced His side please understand,
It WASN'T easy,
BUT it was worth it.

I think time has come for everyone to withdraw from the madness of this world and dedicate time to re-evaluate know?! soul-seeking and cleansing. Just a word from my heart to yours.People are dying too easily these days and we unconsciously question where they are ending up. There is no time anymore. Urgency people, live life with a purpose I beg you all. We fall down, yes, but please get up fast! I love you all HONESTLY and want the bestest for everyone. Look for yourself and find YOU. kisses!

Happy Easter. He died a painful death, so we may live!

Random fact:
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. (LOL)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Poison.

Like a thief in the night,you are stealing life from me.

You kiss me deeply with hurt, three days in a week.

When night is near, and I am about to go to bed, you whisper into my ear:
"I have not been serviced and I need some."

You forget I have feelings, bruising me passionately.

I see delight in your eyes, personalized into life.

I wonder if I made a mistake knowing you, help me believe!

Help me trust!

Give me hope!

Personality Psychology 301... I don't like you rough, take it easy and smooth! -And if you continue to try me, i will OSAMA you.

Random fact:
~Psychologists DO NOT read peoples minds. *FYI*


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apologies!!!! *Sad face*

So it's been exactly a month since I last blogged and that is totally unacceptable and I say a BIGGGG sorry. Life has gotten too much in my way that my blog spirit is dying slowly and slowly. :( I shut facebook down and I am hoping it is for good though so life will resume the way I planned. How are all of you doing? I will go back to blogging constantly hopefully with God's grace. This year has been full to the brim with alot of turns, up and down and whatever you will want to call it but I have learnt to Fly Above all the drama. Yup! Kandi told me to...please listen to her song on my player, that is my life in a song at the moment. So right now I am awake and not anticipating my morning as I have an 8:30am flight back to Tulsa....that place is a hell-hole honestly...Plus when I feel motivated and confident, i will jist you all about my year so far.... I said it right, as January 1, 2010 came and I was robbed, it signified a rough year and that is all life has served me so far but it is building me up. Met alot of people this year, the ones that add to me, the ones that subtract, the ones that confuse and the ones that make straight ways and the likes. I want to run away from reality but it just do not know how to if it is at all possible. I have cried a lot this year and crying is not really a part of me at all but I love it though because through it all, we live and we learn. :) Trading sadness for Joy Unspeakable. I really do not want to go back to Tulsa heaven knows. So Spring break was in Chicago with a friend of mine that I had not seen since high school and so we had ALOT of catching up to do. Fun times I tell you. I wish I could just stay here till life swears and promises to be gentle with me, like heck I'm not a fighter even though I did martial art in high school. LOL. Sorry this post just came as freestyle and it is not proof-read or anything but I feel a need to scream. From my roommate, to everyone around me in Tulsa I just feel not really exactly happy to go back to. Am I scared of something? I don't get it. Is there something inside that I am refusing to face? I need to do some serious soul searching, *puts on to-do list for the flight*. This year I have lost too many important people in my and it bothers me a lot though majority are not concerned but I realized I value people TOO MUCH that it becomes unhealthy, relationships, friendships and such I place too much weight in them so it smacks me HARD when anything happens. It's really crazy though but I have learnt the harder way. I love you all sha and oh yeah I LOVE my *Sweetness* SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Yup! beautifULL sweetie, adopted big-sister by force lol and *Sugarplumrene* is another of my twin little sisters lmao. I love them so much though. So I guess I am out of my happy place and it is officially time to take off the 'pause' button from life and press 'play'.....Here we go again. I will make it, it is only natural I come out strong. I would blog more, I would blog more, I would blog more *repeating it to myself*.

Random fact:
~Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. (This surely has not felt like no desserts to me though.)

I Ruff yhew all....I Pinky Promise.LOL


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

So tomorrow being the 21st of February happens to be my birthday. For a very wicked reason this happens to be the day the devil sent sickness. Nothing do him sha! God pass him. I am down with a fever + a flu mehn and all I can do Is lay in bed and sneeze like a goat all day. It is well with me. Well I got flowers from mummy today so it brightened my day a bit. :) YUP! I thank God for all He has done for me. I am nothing without Him and to please Him is my work on earth. I will still go out and have a wonderful day tomorrow starting from tonight. Go to see a movie, eat out with friends and catch up on whatever. Wake up tomorrow and start with church, proceed to breakfast at First Watch, lunch at Lanna Thai and dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I must wear my heels and look stunning o. Nothing do me at all. Jesus FIRE devil. :) So happy birthday to me. I ask for Gods Will to be done in my life. He really listens. I asked Him for something and the next day, around 6am He answered me. Asin MY JESUS is just too much. Don't Jealous Us! :p

Have a wonderful day people and pray for me to be strongggggg by tomorrow.

Random fact:
Your heart beats at a rate of around of 72 to 80 beats per minute - since your last birthday it will have beat about 42,075,900 times.

A pic of my flowers :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14th 2010

So as we all know, mummy has been my Val all day! About a week ago I sent her a text message asking if "Her Royal Highness will be my val" of which she responded "Absolutely my model-it will be my honor. And will Ms Ebony be, not only my val, but my daughter over and over again?" *smiling as I type* teeheeee.... I wrote her the sweetest anonymous letter that I have refused to share because it is our little confidential heart to heart. She knows it is me though.One of the lines in my letter was "Chocolate-Perfection will not be alive without the Chocolate Factory." I woke up this morning on a rather bored note as some form of demonic snow was out to get me. I lay in bed as I thought about what love really is. I called an aunt of mine to wish her a happy birthday and we stayed a bit on the phone when I asked to speak to my brother, Yup he was born on this romantic he wasn't home o! Boys went to have fun. He turned 11 today so there is quite a gap between us. Anyways, I skyped mummy for the first time and for an odd reason she does not know how she actually has an account because she did not set it up herself. She said when she saw my name on the screen she was getting scared and wondering what trouble have I gotten into that my name is flashing on the screen, it was too funny. Being the humble lady she is, she did not do anything for herself, instead, she did a lot for my brother so that he could "be happy". I sang her some love songs like "Long distance-Brandy" and a little dance routine LMAO while she turned all shades of red (In my mind) lol and we just e-bonded for a pretty while. She was so happy and made my head swell with "sweet-somethings" hehehe. We gave each other e-hugs and what nots, I just was happy to see her smile. That was my valentines day in a little nutshell.

I was craving cake so badly today that I stood up and drove myself to go get a box of cupcakes. I felt major satisfaction after that. :) Anyways, as I have had a rather boring day, my girlfriends and I are going to a restaurant later tonight to eat and share the love. It is something that should be done on a daily basis and not just february 14th. We are going to look pretty and just have sane bonding time.

PS: This time next week I would be a year older. :D yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!! hip hip hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppp!.....................HURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Random fact:

~ It is estimated that 40–70% of female homicides are committed by their lovers and spouses

That was my day people. Anticipating my dinner with the girls now.

Ebony. xxxxxxx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Behind the laughter...

It is yet that time of the year again, the ‘National Love Awareness Day’. It is the time when all the stores have their versions of ‘The Perfect Valentine Dress’ and what not. That time when Wal-Mart aisles and such are crowded with heart-shaped chocolate boxes and cards, like the color red is going out of fashion. It is that time of the year were girls smile ever widely to the supposed boyfriends in anticipation of waking up to an anonymously sent bouquet of red roses. I have no complaints whatsoever, but in the midst of all the love rubbles and merriment, I just have one somewhat rhetorical question. Who will love mummy this year?

In the midst of my ridiculous randomness, the question just popped up in my mind and I do not know why. As years go by, I get better understanding of what it means to lose a loved one. Last year or two years ago if you asked me, I would confidently tell you she is okay just the way she and she is a sea of pure laughter. I actually find that statement rather stupid now because yes, she may be all of that but through it all, she is human and she actually has feelings buried deep down in her ‘toughness’. Daddy was almost perfect I tell you, and I do not say this because he was mine but because truth never hides for too long. This man had a busy life that the average parent would not have time for the family because he/she is fending for them but my daddy stayed home with us and cancelled any appointments he had for that day. It was a tradition that every Saturday morning we would go to Sheraton hotel for that wonderful breakfast buffet. He was a helplessly spontaneous romantic. We may be sitting together watching a movie but an idea such as dinner at the most expensive restaurant at the time would pop up and we all went. My mother was and is still not the ‘let’s go out to eat today’ woman, she is more of the ‘bring back a to-go box please’ kind of person. Daddy would drag her if it came to that just so we could be together.

The funny times I can actually remember him dancing to no rhythm whatsoever for mummy and making her laugh widely, you would think life was a circus. He would send a bouquet of flowers to her on random days just-because. On her birthdays, he would make sure my sister and I stood on stage and sing the birthday song to the whole congregation one at a time for 3 services, just to show affection. Yes, I am a PK, deal with it. :p It never really dawned on me that she would sit and think about these things once in a while. He used to call her ‘mata na’ which is hausa for ‘my wife’ and she would respond ‘miji na’-‘my husband’. Today who would call her ‘their wife’?

I am trying to think of something nice to do for her just to maybe give a token back?! I am trying to come up with suggestions. I love this woman with every grain and speck God assembled in my formation. She deserves too much that I never come up with anything I actually find worthy enough to hand to her. She is my tower of love, life and many other mysteries. Do something for someone special this year people; it is not all about him or her. Go the extra mile and put a shocking smile on someones face. You would be appreciated in the long-run.


Random fact:
~”I love you” in German is “Ich liebe dich”.
Ebony loves you all. Have a stress-free week.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What went wrong?

I was on facebook/crackbook/amebobook* the other day when I noticed a friend of mine’s status update which read: “What is the difference between giving up dreams and accepting reality?” As soon as I read this, my mind went back to some of the dreamers I’ve known who never really crossed the line to become achievers.

It is rather sad to know the people i use to run around in underpants and hide under tables, or the ones that would steal cooking ingredients from the kitchen and cook 'dinner' over conversations about being medical doctors so we save the chickens from dying and the lizards tails from falling off, are the same people that have no focus in life right now. Torn between reality and peer pressure.

I just sat to think about a lot of people i grew up with and where I am at in life and where they are is like a whole generational gap I am not happy to point out. Sad times...

Random fact:
~Pageant models often smear Vaseline on their teeth so their lips won't stick when smiling.

So I heard there is going to be 18inches of snow tomorrow and friday, I went to walmart this evening and everyone and their extended families were shopping, as we would all be stuck indoors, Lord please let class be cancelled....*fingers crossed*

Have a wonderful week loves!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Confused about this 'Love' word.

I have been thinking a lot for quite a while now and I could not help but ask how long does it actually take for two people to discover “Love?” and again, does love happen along the lines of meeting with the special someone and spending time and all that good stuff or is love the end result? Hmmmm* my mind has been wondering because I have been watching people around me and it really beats my imagination. When I am asked what I think about their “togetherness” or questions of the sort, I lack the words to say because my mind has been trying to process all of what is happening. A friend of mine met this boy and a week later they were discussing emotions and the likes. *eeeekkkkk* (I honestly don’t know what I feel about that just yet because my opinion is just mine and it may not be facts or even make sense.)
Why is a relationship not between two people? Why does the whole world get involved with a person’s love life? Why is it that if your friend does not like your girlfriend of boyfriend, you are automatically supposed to take their opinion into consideration as to whether you end up with the person or not? Okay I know they may see something in the person they feel you do not deserve or something that the infatuated person will not see outright but what if there is just no plain reason behind your friend not being in support? Girls why do we discuss everything with someone? You fight with ‘le petit-ami’ two minutes ago, five minutes later Jesse, Miriam, Joshua and his grand-mother knows about it? You know you will still end up with him in the end and look stupid after running your mouth with the Committee of Relational Affairs (C.R.A) so why bother?
…..Anyways school has started for me and it is rather hard for me to get back to school mode this semester I don’t know why though honestly. I go to class and I am getting sleepy, that never use to happen so I don’t get it lol. Meanwhile these airport people do not want to give me my bag sha. They love it pass the owner apparently but I am on that movement. BTW: I LOVE MY MOTHER WITH EVERY BREATH IN ME. Lol I just felt I should say that, I do not know why yet. My current music obsession is Bedroom G by Trey Songz and Sammie…I listened to it over 10 times on repeat this morning I don’t know why. So Single Awareness Day is approaching oo! All my single ladies, where you at? LOL I am already getting e-mails about it. Victoria’s Secret is telling me about lingerie for Valentine’s Day, will I wear it for myself?? Hissss…
So today instead of putting up a random fact I decided to put an African Proverb: 
~Do not swim in shallow waters if you do not want your back to show.~ -Malawi.
Have a wonderful week people and I promise to go round blogs and comment. For an odd reason I can’t reply peoples comments on my blog so do not feel I am ignoring you…there is no need for that lovelies! 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Overdue and randoms of 2010.

I have tried soooo hard to blog about my christmas or anything but my page gets blank after a while ad it is getting extra FRUSTRTING so i am not blogging about that. i am just going to blog about my 2010.
So I went to see avatar and I personally feel it was overhyped, I did not even finish the movie and I left because I was falling asleep. LOL so let me highlight my christmas and new year so far a bit:

* I ate healthyyyy food...(R.S.V.P.P-Rice and Stew Very Plenty with Plantain)

* I hung out with alot of nice people and laughed so hard unlike these people that smile with the sides of their mouths like you are begging for it.

* The air just felt extra right.

* I went to this party that I had to sneak out of the house at midnight and I got back in at 3.30am LOL (I stayed in the guest house this december so exit and entry was rather easy) :p

* My family was trying to scatter this christmas and you could just tell the devil was at work but God pass all of them...can i get a HALLELUU!!

* I was robbed on New year's day (my house is a twin building so I was walking up the stairs to the guest house arund 11.50pm when the robbers were walking down the stairs from my neighbours guest house so we jammed on the stairs...IMAGINE!!! I am safe though)

* I am so happy I clicked more with my cousin this break, we are close but we got closerrrrr...

* I was soo happy about silverbird in Abuja with Nando's-my love took me to nando's and it was too good. Also the fact that I could watch a Nigerian movie in the theater *Guilty Pleasure* was priceless.

* It was all round fun and I did not want to come back but I guess school needs me more.

* So I have been missing one of my bags from Amsterdam and it contains VALUABLESSSSSSSS. They have been saying "we have no current updates on your bag ma'am, they never begin to misplace am yet. OSHI'S!!!

* So I got back to school doing the routinual servicing the car, fixing all that needs to be fixed and all when I noticed the radio was not accepting cd's and I told them and they ordered one for me under my warranty. I got a call saying that the warranty expired in december :( so I have to buy a whole radio.

* As my fone got robbed I finally got a blackberry...more like a whiteberry cuz it is white LOL (ok that was dry) but it is soo cute.

* I hope this semester goes easy and nice.

* So my roomate from last semester has a sister this semester and the girl is always in my personal bubble and it bothers me so much. That is drama for never because I will not rant this year...amen! lol

.....All In All....God is good and I am ready to take up the world. :)

I forgot, I am a "Big Sister" this sem..which means I am going to mentor someone of about 6years old who is less priviledged. I am sooooo happy about it. The organisation is called 'Big brother, Big Sister'. Fun stuff!

Now that my christmas is partly out of the way I can go back to a normal blog life. Thank God.

~Random fact:
Turtles can breathe through their butts.

Love you all. Kissessssss!

Monday, January 11, 2010

*My people...We made it into 2010*

Yes so I am kind of behind in this space, for a very odd reason I have not been able to blog I wonder why, even right now the screen is not the same. Some forces are against me O but God pass ALL of them. I would come back and give you all a rather longggg overdue update on alot of things. Hope you al had a sexy christmas and new year though?! I went home to Nigeria and it was mahddddd fun. Including me being robbed on new years day. LOL all the jist coming through.... Love You all and I will go rund blogs and comment and all that good stuff.

Random fact:
~The city with the most Rolls Royce per capita is Hong Kong.

Me love all of you.


PS: Oklahoma is soooo cold... :( I am freeeezing!!! my brain, eyelashes, intestines, muscles are all shaky!