Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To You

Blood. Gunshots. Gut-wrenching screams.

What has this peaceful land turn to?

Children become orphans,

Men and women become widows(ers),

Government continues to bag billions,

The people struggle for minimum wage.

It has become a trend. This beautiful land has swallowed so much blood.

It seems like we have been shouting out to a God who may have forgotten us.

That cannot be. But I'm curious...

Where do we carry this heavy and hurt?

I will carry it to the God who remains unconditional.

I mean the one whose word will never change.

I ask for peace like a river.

Teach me to mind the things above,

and forget about the "beastlihood" of our government,

and to realize that I am a passenger on transit in this foreign land.

Teach me to wait and appreciate the silver lining at the end of this cloud.

Teach me to act like You.

You who remains faithful and unchanging,

Yes! You who when the trumpet sounds, we will all answer to.

Teach me Faith. Life. Love. Grace. Eternity laws.

 It is You I will continue to run to.

My safe hiding place.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Silver & Gold.

There is no greater feeling than having family. Family that sticks together and cheers you on. Family that you can call when the world is frustrating. I understand that not every family is this way, but should this not be the goal? I do not care about how much wealth you may have amassed over the years, if your family is not together it means nothing. As cliche as it sounds tomorrow is not promised. Make the best of today. It doesn't matter who hurt you, or who said what. What matters is that you are the one with the forgiving spirit, and as hard as it may seem it is always the right time to do right. What if the person does not want things to be right? It doesn't matter. Your duty is to love and respect them from a pure and true heart. Be nice, not because they deserve it, but because it is the right and proper thing to do. They were assigned as your family whether you agree or not for a special reason. You will never find out what the reason was if you are living your life detached from them. Allow me to guilt trip you a little. You remember that verse about "loving God" but hating your brother?(or father, or mother, or siblings or that person that you are thinking about as you read this), God says you do not love him. Good luck defending that. Love on someone undeserving this weekend.

Long story short: Family is everything. Silver + gold + diamonds. Do not let situations tell you any different.

God is Love.

Random fact: Frogs sometimes eat enough fireflies that they themselves glow


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Roll Call.

Attending a Nigerian "primary" school, I got accustomed to the daily routine of teachers calling out everyone on the attendance list as we each replied "present sir/ma". On days when we were absent, we got punished the next day if we did not have excuses to be absent. Luckily, I do not get punished for not attending to this space.

March is almost over, and graduation is right by the corner. May 5th is the day I become a "graduate" (whatever that word honestly means). Does that mean I should know everything I was taught the past 3/4 years ago? Does it mean I am now "grown"? Or is it plainly the promotion out of the building I created memories in the recent bit of my life?

Whatever the word means, I stay grateful for the strength and courage it took me to go through the years. Times when there was screaming, crying, leaps of joy, allergic and stress-induced reactions amidst an ocean of emotions, God taught me that I had to endure the storms to honestly appreciate the rainbows.
God taught me humility.
He taught me patience.
He taught me to taste my words before I spit them out.
He taught me to laugh when tears made more sense.
He taught me to wait.
He taught me that there will be days like those.
He told me He will walk by me.
He told me He will carry me when my strenght was gone.
He showed me love, and how to love.

It feels good to be back. I'm happy in the space and place I'm in mentally.

Random tip: Not everything will make sense in life. Don't even try to understand it. Place it and rest your understanding on the fact that God sees it ALL, and everything will work out in time.



Friday, August 19, 2011

The Right Time to Love

Song of songs 8:4

” Promise me o women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right”
Whoa!!! I wish i understood that immediately.

For 2 nights, somewhere in me was rummaging over this scripture..how profound true and real it is.
But am wondering, is it like when you see a dog sleeping and you disturb it, barks non stop and d noise is just so overwhelming and Eldritch..No not good enough.
Is it like fire, you ignite a small spark and it spreads till it turns to danger? fancy a bit.
The Bible describes love as fire, “love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. many waters cannot quench love neither can rivers drown it”
So when i spark the fire, no quenching, no running..? I will sure enjoy the warmth, but i also should be able to withstand the heat and unfailingly the burns.

I thought of the sun. Whoa. The sun rises and it sure sets.. But we have to wait on it to rise and set regardless of how hard we try.
However a man plans and strives, he must await the night process before he sees the sun rise..and he must pass through the day before he sees the sun set.
The Bible says there is time for everything..there is surely the time to love.

Perhaps we should wait to pass through the processes that eventually lead us to the right time when we can withstand this love.. This love so powerful it is likened to death.
You awaken love at the wrong time, be ready to get burnt, d flames would blacken out your skin, the scars will linger, the pains are unbearable, girl, when the fire burns out, you’d wish it consumed you instead.

Why women? Because women have power. The power it takes to ignite love, to put love to sleep and do even more dangerously powerful things.
A wise woman therefore will in her wisdom, know when to awaken love and when love should sleep. Else, whatever comes off it, she will surely bear the consequences which in most cases, she cannot run away from. The consequences might sound so funny as though there's a resistance to it. Or you have seen the worst of it but i want to remind us that each hurt we experience in life especially emotional hurt doesn't come with less pain..its always a new and fresh one.but how we pull through the pains makes us stronger. For love is as powerful as death and we all are victims.
Women have all it takes to arouse a man, in the words of Kenny Rogers, “you have got the kind of body that was made to give a man a lot of pleasure”. We have the power to ablaze the flames of love but a woman must know WHEN to awaken love, to spark this fire.

Song of songs 8:10
“i was a virgin, like a wall: now my breasts are like towers”
A tower is a place of defense for protection. Towers usually protect castles-magnificent mansions.
A wall depicts security.

A woman should build a wall around herself to protect radical entry that can crumble down her castle before her very own eyes. A strong tower to shield her walls. A wall less woman in this age and time is sure to throw her value with her own hands. We don't want to give our value to undeserving pigs who have no value to even place value.
We live in a society where value depreciates and fades but women whatever God values can never be depreciated by man. Its up to you now, to choose your criterion. God anytime any day and forever is the best criterion i assure you.
My declaration is “my heart, my body must be earned by one who knows the true cost of love”-Michelle Hammond

-Florence Young.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Trust...

You taught me one of the hardest lessons ever: To trust you.I believed in you even when the world believed there had to be something wrong with me. I chewed your words, digested your actions, I hoped a teaspoon too many in you. Physically grown, I was a fool to believe you were mentally grown. I stood at a defense platform when bullets of words, and arrows of thoughts tried to break you. I defended you to stupidity. As life has that tendency to screw us every now and again, sucking every trace of breath left in us, I nursed you back to life. I taught to to breathe in...and out...in...and out; Not too fast, but not to slow, you will make it, you can do it, I trust in you, I believe in you. I was the voice I hoped to hear someone speak to me. I believed I created a bond that I would have sworn the devil himself would give up fighting to break. I lied to myself. Being human, I am physically drained, mentally incapable, emotionally distraught, spiritually weakened to anchor you yet again, on this same battlefield you deceitfully promised me you would never run back into again. I apologize for letting you teach me to trust you. You got me good. As I like to see goodness in every situation, I appreciate you for teaching me patience; when I should have been agitated, peace; When I should have been a bubble of anxiety, and laughter; when I should have been a well of tears. Some battles are best fought alone. This is me saying Goodbye. This is your battle, FIGHT!!!

Ebony Kisses.xxx

Random fact:
~On the average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That blah feeling....

When highs are lows,

Lows are highs,

Nonsense definitely makes sense.

Perfectly describes my state of mind.

Random fact:
In china, people eat a bar of chocolate for every 1,000 bars eaten by the British

Ebony Kisses.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Positivity RULES

Hey bloggies! LOL hope your days are going well. Mine is.... I just stumbled on this video and couldn't help but share. It is very healthy and good to speak positivity into your days. Don't just "freestyle" as the day goes by.My daily confession is something my mother made me say everyday before I went to school(primary school). Needless to say, I automatically grew the habit of saying it unconsciously after primary school graduation and high school-uptil now (In college). LOL On another note, this is the most stressful time of the semester. Finals and all are here. Push people. We are almost there. We can do it!

I am healthy.
I am prosperous.
My soul prospers in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus,
even Jesus the Word.
Anything I set my hands on, will succeed.
I cannot be conquered.
I cannot be defeated.
I cannot fail.
For me to fail,
God will have to fail,
And God does not fail,
so I do not fail.
I am an agent of love.

So I just saw this video of this little girl who clearly is in love with her EVERYTHING. I couldn't help but share. Enjoy!

Random Fact:

~Approximate number of facial expressions dogs make: 100.

Love you all.