Saturday, November 14, 2009


hmmmmm! blogsville what is happening??

Where are all of your manners?

Why is there so much animosity?

Why is there so much friction between people?

I don begin to dey tire oh!

Is it the age group that is causing this?

There is too much display of immaturity and arrant rubbish here!

You people should sit back and take a chill-pill and re-evaluate wasap!

It's not right nowwww! haba...

Ku yi a hankali dan Allah!

E ma binu o!

You agree, you do not agree with what you see, you can clearly navigate away, it is even so much easier because with a click you are gone. LOL....Technology!!

There is no price to be won o! Just for the records.

Let's live in peace and happiness and be a jolly loving family.

Thank God I do not know how to insert links sef on this thing lol.

Do not be cursing around please, take it easy now and nothing is even that deep!

You people can kill o... the thought of the beef sef or animosity has made my brain tired.LOL I do not like wahala AT ALL!

So for the sake of Ebony and God, (For we who believe in God) calm down and apologise and be loving all over again!

I see alot of things here I do not like but I understand it is not my business and if I do not agree I will not get all rude and ish because I want my point to be heard.

This is getting out of hand o! You people need to calm down

This is eye abuse and brain abuse. I am broke and do not have money to buy tylenol or ibuprofen so instead of being Blog-warriors, channel your energy into becoming Prayer-warriors..LOOOL kai I'm too much! I make myself happy! :)

Ehen I hope you people are going to church tomorrow oh! all of you should come and tell me what you learnt! good shildren!

I don dey go oh! Lemme continue my facebook stalking before I get migraine in this place. Your plans will not work o!! I Curse every root of animosity and Chaos in this my blog family, devil PACK YOUR LOAD OH BEFORE I VEX AND STAND UP...*Reaches for Holy Water and handkercheif*. Every root that was planted to cause war here I Uproot it RIGHT NOW, fall down and DIE, DIE, DIE, in Jesus' MAGNIFICENT, MATCHLESS name! and blogsville will say.......AMIN, AMIN, AMINNNNN OOOOO!!!

Random fact:
~During lunch breaks in Carlsbad, New Mexico no couple should engage in a sexual act while parked in their vehicle, unless their car has curtains. :)

Ebony has spoken. GBAMMMMMM!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My First Love.

-We both went to the same primary school in Abuja Nigeria, from primary one all the way till primary four.After school every day I use to go to his house to play with him then. Mehn I have always been a playful child oh! from school I will not go home, I will take my change clothes in my bag to his house and eat and everything there.LOLThey had a big house with a large open field that accomodated my energetic hyper feet that actually made me weary to the point where I had to sleep, and for me to sleep in broad daylight, you will know that play dealt with me and defeated me. So yes you can say it has been there since primary one.....Not! (we just innocently played around and he has 2 sisters so we all had a lot of fun)

Fast-forward to my jss3.....

One faithful day like that oh, I was with a friend that was going on and on about some party that I was just not in the mood for. She begged and begged and was even getting annoyed with me all because I refused to go with her and so i finally put on some sloppy jeans and a shirt with the intention of just going to see my friends that I had not seen in a while for about 30mins and back to my house. So I approached the zone and low and behold O saw this dude with a blue hooded sweater sitting towards my left and backing me, hmmmmm na so the boy turn oh and I saw this dude that I saw 6years ago. He has the sexiest smile in this world oh, till tomorrow infact LOL so he gave me a biggggggggggggggg hug and all, but we did not really say much as he was getting ready to leave the party himself so we bid each other goodbye.

One bright afternoon, I had a message on facebook from this guy saying he had not seen me forever and I should facebook him my number and all that. I did all that sha and we began talking small small. I remember clearly, my then boyfriend (well I know I titled this my first love because this person I am talking about is the original ehenn! LOL) and I just broke up and so I told him and he came to see me. I walked out of my gate then and I saw him walk out of a car, 'Outta my system' was playing I will never forget and I had on a black tank top with a studed heart imprinted in the middle and he was like "hmmm this one that your shirt has a heart on it, hope you are fine" and I replied I was.We began talking sha majorly from that day, his care really was magnetic to me. So on and on we went like that sha...I would be in class and he would sms me..."goodmorning my princess" and that would just distract me for the rest of the day. LOL

He disturbed me oh! hahaha (he will kill me if he sees this but he will never so oh well) he use to bother my life until i 'Pitied' him and just said okay lets do the whole dating business. Boom! it happened. He went to U.K about a month later and I was left in Abuja :( It hurt but you know the whole absence makes the heart grow fonder ish?! It worked for a while oh, I was Miss. Loyal but he never believes me till today. People use to talk alot of ish about him and give me proof right in my eye but I was always like 'let me swallow panadol for my own headache'. Everything felt so right when we were together I tell you. I was an original facebook stalker oh with him becauses that was basically all i really could do apart from webcam and all. He was ooo so romantic. I actually saw a potential future even though I was so young at the time. It was just specially exciting that he actually watched me grow up through life. That does alot to me.

After 11months of not seeing him and all, slowly I started loosing myself and doubt began to advice me on a daily basis on what i should have paid no mind to in the first place and the likes. It was a painful time and it still is when I think about it but today we speak really well. Strange but he still has a VERY SENSITIVE soft spot in my heart that I wonder if it will ever fade. It is the first love because I made my first mistakes and first everythings then and ALL my heart and soul went in. He was my first kiss also. *bllusshhhiinngg at the memory* lol.

He shortened my already short name to suit himself and till this day, gets rather upset when someone else (especially if another guy) calls me that name.LOL ......okay! so I was just walking down memory lane tonight and decided to share. I think I am done now.

Random fact:
~In Columbia, an individual can be fined up to $90,000 for gossipping.

Dueces people!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Tuesday!.

I have been slacking from updating often but whatever I have no reasons neither do I have excuses as to why I have not.....I apologize! I have just not felt the need whatsoever to blog, my fingers do not have the spark anymore, pray for them please. Okay so I am going majorly random because a lot of random stuff from different angles are in my head so roll with me. :)

* I do not know if it is just me but I do not understand why people lack decency. I mean girls YES I am calling you out right now. It hits me like a hammer to my head when I see young girls and I mean young girls using swear words and the likes when there is totally no reason to do so. I mean you can express anger or frustration or whatsoever the case may be that leads you to swear without actually putting those words in. I mean growing up, these are words I have never been allowed to say so why is it that when I leave my home and I am in a different location I go back to doing what I was told not to?! I mean, I am an ambassador of my home even in the most private places I feel I am not being watched. Does it give some sort of class or 'big-girl' status? am I missing something? that is so not my style and for heaven sakes, who will respect you as a LADY? no abeg! It is totally unnecessary. If you do it, no vex abeg I am just talking from my own views.

* Why do GIRLS also feel to look 'sexy' one part of your body or all the parts sef are hanging out? you might as well walk naked, No? I mean you walk into a club looking like a part of your clothing is missing....WHY DO YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF? and then when guys do what they do best and disrespect you, you will now be angry. You are giving them the green light and when they obey the light you will want to kill, please, cover your assets because they are worth ALOT! and not for every and any kind of person to have the ticket to even see sef! I really wonder what is happening to this generation. I am not saying go looking like mother theresa, all I'm saying is you should cover the necessaries and you will be straight.

* This one just kills me totally, like if I have a gun sef i will want to shoot you. CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO YOUR SIZE EJJJOOOOOOO!!!!. Do not borrow anything, if you do not have it yet, it is not time to have it, borrowing is just not it at all. You become a slave to the person and infact sef just imagine you go out wearing your friends shoe, some one now tells you your shoes are preety, how will you feel answering? especially if the friend is there? It even makes the person you are borrowing from feel superior to you though they may not pronounce it.Please, do not make yourself a slave to any body! Work with what you have and make it glow. Be yourself! Be yourself!.....did I say BE YOURSELF?!

* Carry yourself with poise and charisma. You will always have one opportunity to make a first impression, make good use of it. Let the person next to you want to know why you are always smiling and generally happy. Effect change in the littlest ways possible. Do not be shaken in your beliefs and also never compromise anything. Always say 'Please!' and 'Thank-You' and be nice to whoever even when you do not feel like it. I have learnt to do that always and it has done alot for me especially when the person is not deserving of it.

PS: I did not make my auditions this weekend. I found a new definition to the word "TIRED". I flew to Dallas friday and saturday morning by 5am I was up and my day went on till about 5.30pm. I got home and wanted to faint. Sunday, same cycle all over, we did all we were instrusted to and time for call-backs, I did not here my number but God dey. It really hurt me because this is something I want to do with my life ( in collabo with my Psychology) so I felt really down and just out of it generally. I actually shed a few tears. I got home and slept and just wanted to erase the night but O well!...I am blaming it on my height though because the girls that got called back were stick skinny and LONG! asin they were no longer tall oh it was a Long affair. lol. When the time is right I will get called back so no yawa at all! Holy ghost got my back all the way and if this is my ministry, He will open the door that no man can close...abi?! ehen I know I nailed it.

So I decided to show u a lil pic of me on the day of the event.

Yeah so that is me! I was number 743...If you see how I kept on looking at he number when the call-backs were announced, hmm~ you will wonder. LOL

Have a nice week my people! yaaay so it's november and it is still sunny here. God is tooo much! :) I HATE WINTER!

Random fact:
~Mosquito repellents don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquitos sensors so they do not know you are there. :)

Ebony is out people!..I hopefully will blog this week again!