Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

So tomorrow being the 21st of February happens to be my birthday. For a very wicked reason this happens to be the day the devil sent sickness. Nothing do him sha! God pass him. I am down with a fever + a flu mehn and all I can do Is lay in bed and sneeze like a goat all day. It is well with me. Well I got flowers from mummy today so it brightened my day a bit. :) YUP! I thank God for all He has done for me. I am nothing without Him and to please Him is my work on earth. I will still go out and have a wonderful day tomorrow starting from tonight. Go to see a movie, eat out with friends and catch up on whatever. Wake up tomorrow and start with church, proceed to breakfast at First Watch, lunch at Lanna Thai and dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I must wear my heels and look stunning o. Nothing do me at all. Jesus FIRE devil. :) So happy birthday to me. I ask for Gods Will to be done in my life. He really listens. I asked Him for something and the next day, around 6am He answered me. Asin MY JESUS is just too much. Don't Jealous Us! :p

Have a wonderful day people and pray for me to be strongggggg by tomorrow.

Random fact:
Your heart beats at a rate of around of 72 to 80 beats per minute - since your last birthday it will have beat about 42,075,900 times.

A pic of my flowers :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14th 2010

So as we all know, mummy has been my Val all day! About a week ago I sent her a text message asking if "Her Royal Highness will be my val" of which she responded "Absolutely my model-it will be my honor. And will Ms Ebony be, not only my val, but my daughter over and over again?" *smiling as I type* teeheeee.... I wrote her the sweetest anonymous letter that I have refused to share because it is our little confidential heart to heart. She knows it is me though.One of the lines in my letter was "Chocolate-Perfection will not be alive without the Chocolate Factory." I woke up this morning on a rather bored note as some form of demonic snow was out to get me. I lay in bed as I thought about what love really is. I called an aunt of mine to wish her a happy birthday and we stayed a bit on the phone when I asked to speak to my brother, Yup he was born on this romantic he wasn't home o! Boys went to have fun. He turned 11 today so there is quite a gap between us. Anyways, I skyped mummy for the first time and for an odd reason she does not know how she actually has an account because she did not set it up herself. She said when she saw my name on the screen she was getting scared and wondering what trouble have I gotten into that my name is flashing on the screen, it was too funny. Being the humble lady she is, she did not do anything for herself, instead, she did a lot for my brother so that he could "be happy". I sang her some love songs like "Long distance-Brandy" and a little dance routine LMAO while she turned all shades of red (In my mind) lol and we just e-bonded for a pretty while. She was so happy and made my head swell with "sweet-somethings" hehehe. We gave each other e-hugs and what nots, I just was happy to see her smile. That was my valentines day in a little nutshell.

I was craving cake so badly today that I stood up and drove myself to go get a box of cupcakes. I felt major satisfaction after that. :) Anyways, as I have had a rather boring day, my girlfriends and I are going to a restaurant later tonight to eat and share the love. It is something that should be done on a daily basis and not just february 14th. We are going to look pretty and just have sane bonding time.

PS: This time next week I would be a year older. :D yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!! hip hip hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppp!.....................HURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Random fact:

~ It is estimated that 40–70% of female homicides are committed by their lovers and spouses

That was my day people. Anticipating my dinner with the girls now.

Ebony. xxxxxxx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Behind the laughter...

It is yet that time of the year again, the ‘National Love Awareness Day’. It is the time when all the stores have their versions of ‘The Perfect Valentine Dress’ and what not. That time when Wal-Mart aisles and such are crowded with heart-shaped chocolate boxes and cards, like the color red is going out of fashion. It is that time of the year were girls smile ever widely to the supposed boyfriends in anticipation of waking up to an anonymously sent bouquet of red roses. I have no complaints whatsoever, but in the midst of all the love rubbles and merriment, I just have one somewhat rhetorical question. Who will love mummy this year?

In the midst of my ridiculous randomness, the question just popped up in my mind and I do not know why. As years go by, I get better understanding of what it means to lose a loved one. Last year or two years ago if you asked me, I would confidently tell you she is okay just the way she and she is a sea of pure laughter. I actually find that statement rather stupid now because yes, she may be all of that but through it all, she is human and she actually has feelings buried deep down in her ‘toughness’. Daddy was almost perfect I tell you, and I do not say this because he was mine but because truth never hides for too long. This man had a busy life that the average parent would not have time for the family because he/she is fending for them but my daddy stayed home with us and cancelled any appointments he had for that day. It was a tradition that every Saturday morning we would go to Sheraton hotel for that wonderful breakfast buffet. He was a helplessly spontaneous romantic. We may be sitting together watching a movie but an idea such as dinner at the most expensive restaurant at the time would pop up and we all went. My mother was and is still not the ‘let’s go out to eat today’ woman, she is more of the ‘bring back a to-go box please’ kind of person. Daddy would drag her if it came to that just so we could be together.

The funny times I can actually remember him dancing to no rhythm whatsoever for mummy and making her laugh widely, you would think life was a circus. He would send a bouquet of flowers to her on random days just-because. On her birthdays, he would make sure my sister and I stood on stage and sing the birthday song to the whole congregation one at a time for 3 services, just to show affection. Yes, I am a PK, deal with it. :p It never really dawned on me that she would sit and think about these things once in a while. He used to call her ‘mata na’ which is hausa for ‘my wife’ and she would respond ‘miji na’-‘my husband’. Today who would call her ‘their wife’?

I am trying to think of something nice to do for her just to maybe give a token back?! I am trying to come up with suggestions. I love this woman with every grain and speck God assembled in my formation. She deserves too much that I never come up with anything I actually find worthy enough to hand to her. She is my tower of love, life and many other mysteries. Do something for someone special this year people; it is not all about him or her. Go the extra mile and put a shocking smile on someones face. You would be appreciated in the long-run.


Random fact:
~”I love you” in German is “Ich liebe dich”.
Ebony loves you all. Have a stress-free week.