Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To You

Blood. Gunshots. Gut-wrenching screams.

What has this peaceful land turn to?

Children become orphans,

Men and women become widows(ers),

Government continues to bag billions,

The people struggle for minimum wage.

It has become a trend. This beautiful land has swallowed so much blood.

It seems like we have been shouting out to a God who may have forgotten us.

That cannot be. But I'm curious...

Where do we carry this heavy and hurt?

I will carry it to the God who remains unconditional.

I mean the one whose word will never change.

I ask for peace like a river.

Teach me to mind the things above,

and forget about the "beastlihood" of our government,

and to realize that I am a passenger on transit in this foreign land.

Teach me to wait and appreciate the silver lining at the end of this cloud.

Teach me to act like You.

You who remains faithful and unchanging,

Yes! You who when the trumpet sounds, we will all answer to.

Teach me Faith. Life. Love. Grace. Eternity laws.

 It is You I will continue to run to.

My safe hiding place.