Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What went wrong?

I was on facebook/crackbook/amebobook* the other day when I noticed a friend of mine’s status update which read: “What is the difference between giving up dreams and accepting reality?” As soon as I read this, my mind went back to some of the dreamers I’ve known who never really crossed the line to become achievers.

It is rather sad to know the people i use to run around in underpants and hide under tables, or the ones that would steal cooking ingredients from the kitchen and cook 'dinner' over conversations about being medical doctors so we save the chickens from dying and the lizards tails from falling off, are the same people that have no focus in life right now. Torn between reality and peer pressure.

I just sat to think about a lot of people i grew up with and where I am at in life and where they are is like a whole generational gap I am not happy to point out. Sad times...

Random fact:
~Pageant models often smear Vaseline on their teeth so their lips won't stick when smiling.

So I heard there is going to be 18inches of snow tomorrow and friday, I went to walmart this evening and everyone and their extended families were shopping, as we would all be stuck indoors, Lord please let class be cancelled....*fingers crossed*

Have a wonderful week loves!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Confused about this 'Love' word.

I have been thinking a lot for quite a while now and I could not help but ask how long does it actually take for two people to discover “Love?” and again, does love happen along the lines of meeting with the special someone and spending time and all that good stuff or is love the end result? Hmmmm* my mind has been wondering because I have been watching people around me and it really beats my imagination. When I am asked what I think about their “togetherness” or questions of the sort, I lack the words to say because my mind has been trying to process all of what is happening. A friend of mine met this boy and a week later they were discussing emotions and the likes. *eeeekkkkk* (I honestly don’t know what I feel about that just yet because my opinion is just mine and it may not be facts or even make sense.)
Why is a relationship not between two people? Why does the whole world get involved with a person’s love life? Why is it that if your friend does not like your girlfriend of boyfriend, you are automatically supposed to take their opinion into consideration as to whether you end up with the person or not? Okay I know they may see something in the person they feel you do not deserve or something that the infatuated person will not see outright but what if there is just no plain reason behind your friend not being in support? Girls why do we discuss everything with someone? You fight with ‘le petit-ami’ two minutes ago, five minutes later Jesse, Miriam, Joshua and his grand-mother knows about it? You know you will still end up with him in the end and look stupid after running your mouth with the Committee of Relational Affairs (C.R.A) so why bother?
…..Anyways school has started for me and it is rather hard for me to get back to school mode this semester I don’t know why though honestly. I go to class and I am getting sleepy, that never use to happen so I don’t get it lol. Meanwhile these airport people do not want to give me my bag sha. They love it pass the owner apparently but I am on that movement. BTW: I LOVE MY MOTHER WITH EVERY BREATH IN ME. Lol I just felt I should say that, I do not know why yet. My current music obsession is Bedroom G by Trey Songz and Sammie…I listened to it over 10 times on repeat this morning I don’t know why. So Single Awareness Day is approaching oo! All my single ladies, where you at? LOL I am already getting e-mails about it. Victoria’s Secret is telling me about lingerie for Valentine’s Day, will I wear it for myself?? Hissss…
So today instead of putting up a random fact I decided to put an African Proverb: 
~Do not swim in shallow waters if you do not want your back to show.~ -Malawi.
Have a wonderful week people and I promise to go round blogs and comment. For an odd reason I can’t reply peoples comments on my blog so do not feel I am ignoring you…there is no need for that lovelies! 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Overdue and randoms of 2010.

I have tried soooo hard to blog about my christmas or anything but my page gets blank after a while ad it is getting extra FRUSTRTING so i am not blogging about that. i am just going to blog about my 2010.
So I went to see avatar and I personally feel it was overhyped, I did not even finish the movie and I left because I was falling asleep. LOL so let me highlight my christmas and new year so far a bit:

* I ate healthyyyy food...(R.S.V.P.P-Rice and Stew Very Plenty with Plantain)

* I hung out with alot of nice people and laughed so hard unlike these people that smile with the sides of their mouths like you are begging for it.

* The air just felt extra right.

* I went to this party that I had to sneak out of the house at midnight and I got back in at 3.30am LOL (I stayed in the guest house this december so exit and entry was rather easy) :p

* My family was trying to scatter this christmas and you could just tell the devil was at work but God pass all of them...can i get a HALLELUU!!

* I was robbed on New year's day (my house is a twin building so I was walking up the stairs to the guest house arund 11.50pm when the robbers were walking down the stairs from my neighbours guest house so we jammed on the stairs...IMAGINE!!! I am safe though)

* I am so happy I clicked more with my cousin this break, we are close but we got closerrrrr...

* I was soo happy about silverbird in Abuja with Nando's-my love took me to nando's and it was too good. Also the fact that I could watch a Nigerian movie in the theater *Guilty Pleasure* was priceless.

* It was all round fun and I did not want to come back but I guess school needs me more.

* So I have been missing one of my bags from Amsterdam and it contains VALUABLESSSSSSSS. They have been saying "we have no current updates on your bag ma'am, they never begin to misplace am yet. OSHI'S!!!

* So I got back to school doing the routinual servicing the car, fixing all that needs to be fixed and all when I noticed the radio was not accepting cd's and I told them and they ordered one for me under my warranty. I got a call saying that the warranty expired in december :( so I have to buy a whole radio.

* As my fone got robbed I finally got a blackberry...more like a whiteberry cuz it is white LOL (ok that was dry) but it is soo cute.

* I hope this semester goes easy and nice.

* So my roomate from last semester has a sister this semester and the girl is always in my personal bubble and it bothers me so much. That is drama for never because I will not rant this year...amen! lol

.....All In All....God is good and I am ready to take up the world. :)

I forgot, I am a "Big Sister" this sem..which means I am going to mentor someone of about 6years old who is less priviledged. I am sooooo happy about it. The organisation is called 'Big brother, Big Sister'. Fun stuff!

Now that my christmas is partly out of the way I can go back to a normal blog life. Thank God.

~Random fact:
Turtles can breathe through their butts.

Love you all. Kissessssss!

Monday, January 11, 2010

*My people...We made it into 2010*

Yes so I am kind of behind in this space, for a very odd reason I have not been able to blog I wonder why, even right now the screen is not the same. Some forces are against me O but God pass ALL of them. I would come back and give you all a rather longggg overdue update on alot of things. Hope you al had a sexy christmas and new year though?! I went home to Nigeria and it was mahddddd fun. Including me being robbed on new years day. LOL all the jist coming through.... Love You all and I will go rund blogs and comment and all that good stuff.

Random fact:
~The city with the most Rolls Royce per capita is Hong Kong.

Me love all of you.


PS: Oklahoma is soooo cold... :( I am freeeezing!!! my brain, eyelashes, intestines, muscles are all shaky!