Monday, January 11, 2010

*My people...We made it into 2010*

Yes so I am kind of behind in this space, for a very odd reason I have not been able to blog I wonder why, even right now the screen is not the same. Some forces are against me O but God pass ALL of them. I would come back and give you all a rather longggg overdue update on alot of things. Hope you al had a sexy christmas and new year though?! I went home to Nigeria and it was mahddddd fun. Including me being robbed on new years day. LOL all the jist coming through.... Love You all and I will go rund blogs and comment and all that good stuff.

Random fact:
~The city with the most Rolls Royce per capita is Hong Kong.

Me love all of you.


PS: Oklahoma is soooo cold... :( I am freeeezing!!! my brain, eyelashes, intestines, muscles are all shaky!


  1. Yeah! I heard about the rolls royce thing on travel channel. I was like oh wow!

  2. happy new year to you dear.

    We're here waiting for the gist!

  3. lol....i had a sexy xmas buh nt new year.
    I'm waiting 4 d gist oh....dnt delay
    Happy New Year dearie!!

  4. Welcome back dear, imagine from Oven to Freezer. LOL. Pele. Gist us gist soon OK? Take care and happy new Year.

  5. Nigerians are just everywhere even in Oklahoma lol

  6. where the HELL have you been?
    sexy Christmas???
    me i no know oh!
    lol...come back quick, OR ELSE...???

  7. i know nigeria must have been fun.ugh!so jealous that you got to go back.happy new year.

  8. thanks people! will be updating asap!!!


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