Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What went wrong?

I was on facebook/crackbook/amebobook* the other day when I noticed a friend of mine’s status update which read: “What is the difference between giving up dreams and accepting reality?” As soon as I read this, my mind went back to some of the dreamers I’ve known who never really crossed the line to become achievers.

It is rather sad to know the people i use to run around in underpants and hide under tables, or the ones that would steal cooking ingredients from the kitchen and cook 'dinner' over conversations about being medical doctors so we save the chickens from dying and the lizards tails from falling off, are the same people that have no focus in life right now. Torn between reality and peer pressure.

I just sat to think about a lot of people i grew up with and where I am at in life and where they are is like a whole generational gap I am not happy to point out. Sad times...

Random fact:
~Pageant models often smear Vaseline on their teeth so their lips won't stick when smiling.

So I heard there is going to be 18inches of snow tomorrow and friday, I went to walmart this evening and everyone and their extended families were shopping, as we would all be stuck indoors, Lord please let class be cancelled....*fingers crossed*

Have a wonderful week loves!



  1. It sad but many ppl that I've grown up with seem to have lost ambition...everyone's just sitting around collecting welfare...smh, God help us!!!

    Stay warm o!

  2. It's funny I used to think that way but I have a friend who thinks you are never too old to follow your dreams.

  3. that status actually made me think..:-(
    i hate the cold.

  4. I don't think dreams ever die but sometimes u have to just live in reality but the dream will still be there somewhere lol

  5. I think I can relate to that is really sad. BTW dat random fact is disgustin

  6. I remember we all wanting to be doctors, prospect of me in medical school;is a no-no. lol extended families..

  7. I guess some people only talk the talk but don't really get off their butt to walk the walk.

    I sincerely believe that regardless of our various beginnings, each of us have the same opportunities for succes. What we do with them is what makes the difference.

    Hmm, vaseline on their teeth? lol!

  8. i hope that's Canada oh! << 4 d snow ish

  9. It is never too late to chase your dreams, that's what I think sha.

    Rub vaseline on their teeth? LOL

  10. I agree that it is never too late t pursue our dreams. :)

  11. It never too late to pursue our dreams but most people just give up.

  12. If only I had that kinda luck. But no such thing as a snow day in Canada :( Oh well, spring is around the corner!



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