Monday, January 25, 2010

Confused about this 'Love' word.

I have been thinking a lot for quite a while now and I could not help but ask how long does it actually take for two people to discover “Love?” and again, does love happen along the lines of meeting with the special someone and spending time and all that good stuff or is love the end result? Hmmmm* my mind has been wondering because I have been watching people around me and it really beats my imagination. When I am asked what I think about their “togetherness” or questions of the sort, I lack the words to say because my mind has been trying to process all of what is happening. A friend of mine met this boy and a week later they were discussing emotions and the likes. *eeeekkkkk* (I honestly don’t know what I feel about that just yet because my opinion is just mine and it may not be facts or even make sense.)
Why is a relationship not between two people? Why does the whole world get involved with a person’s love life? Why is it that if your friend does not like your girlfriend of boyfriend, you are automatically supposed to take their opinion into consideration as to whether you end up with the person or not? Okay I know they may see something in the person they feel you do not deserve or something that the infatuated person will not see outright but what if there is just no plain reason behind your friend not being in support? Girls why do we discuss everything with someone? You fight with ‘le petit-ami’ two minutes ago, five minutes later Jesse, Miriam, Joshua and his grand-mother knows about it? You know you will still end up with him in the end and look stupid after running your mouth with the Committee of Relational Affairs (C.R.A) so why bother?
…..Anyways school has started for me and it is rather hard for me to get back to school mode this semester I don’t know why though honestly. I go to class and I am getting sleepy, that never use to happen so I don’t get it lol. Meanwhile these airport people do not want to give me my bag sha. They love it pass the owner apparently but I am on that movement. BTW: I LOVE MY MOTHER WITH EVERY BREATH IN ME. Lol I just felt I should say that, I do not know why yet. My current music obsession is Bedroom G by Trey Songz and Sammie…I listened to it over 10 times on repeat this morning I don’t know why. So Single Awareness Day is approaching oo! All my single ladies, where you at? LOL I am already getting e-mails about it. Victoria’s Secret is telling me about lingerie for Valentine’s Day, will I wear it for myself?? Hissss…
So today instead of putting up a random fact I decided to put an African Proverb: 
~Do not swim in shallow waters if you do not want your back to show.~ -Malawi.
Have a wonderful week people and I promise to go round blogs and comment. For an odd reason I can’t reply peoples comments on my blog so do not feel I am ignoring you…there is no need for that lovelies! 


  1. "Why is a relationship not between two people? Why does the whole world get involved with a person's love life"

    Now that's deep babes. That's real food for thought. Nice post!!

  2. You are so right..I don't know why ppl always seek other ppls opinions when it comes to their relationships....I been there, done that...and regret it...but hey u live n u learn.

    lol @ "Single ladies awareness day!!!"...

    Good luck with the semester!

  3. Ah love and relationships...people often say follow your heart-not your mind.
    Sometimes it could be entirely the other way round!

  4. well relationships are complex and we never truly understand matters of the heart.

    I try to be objective if i ever find myself enlisted in the Committee of Relational Affairs 'cos you never know....!

  5. i personally dont believe in love existing btw two unrelated people...i think people who get married and stay married are two people who have huge sexual tension, are compatible and are able to tolerate each other.just my opinion.
    im actually in class now..for some reason i cant seem to want to listen.

  6. I've always wondered why a relationship with 2 pple ends up being with the whole word.

  7. Don't we all wonder what it is?

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

  8. yaaayyy i can finally comment on my blog!!!

    Sugarking: thanks for stopping by.

    BBYW: I know right?! i did it aswell but it is time to be the boss of me. ;)

    Blogoratti: You are right, i support going with your mind over heart.

    Enkay: :) you are appreciated.

    Aloofar: It's a real mystery. No problem though!

  9. haha! @Victoria's Secret. True, it's not like your friends are the ones involved the relationship, but I guess they just tryna please everyone..just my view.


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