Saturday, November 14, 2009


hmmmmm! blogsville what is happening??

Where are all of your manners?

Why is there so much animosity?

Why is there so much friction between people?

I don begin to dey tire oh!

Is it the age group that is causing this?

There is too much display of immaturity and arrant rubbish here!

You people should sit back and take a chill-pill and re-evaluate wasap!

It's not right nowwww! haba...

Ku yi a hankali dan Allah!

E ma binu o!

You agree, you do not agree with what you see, you can clearly navigate away, it is even so much easier because with a click you are gone. LOL....Technology!!

There is no price to be won o! Just for the records.

Let's live in peace and happiness and be a jolly loving family.

Thank God I do not know how to insert links sef on this thing lol.

Do not be cursing around please, take it easy now and nothing is even that deep!

You people can kill o... the thought of the beef sef or animosity has made my brain tired.LOL I do not like wahala AT ALL!

So for the sake of Ebony and God, (For we who believe in God) calm down and apologise and be loving all over again!

I see alot of things here I do not like but I understand it is not my business and if I do not agree I will not get all rude and ish because I want my point to be heard.

This is getting out of hand o! You people need to calm down

This is eye abuse and brain abuse. I am broke and do not have money to buy tylenol or ibuprofen so instead of being Blog-warriors, channel your energy into becoming Prayer-warriors..LOOOL kai I'm too much! I make myself happy! :)

Ehen I hope you people are going to church tomorrow oh! all of you should come and tell me what you learnt! good shildren!

I don dey go oh! Lemme continue my facebook stalking before I get migraine in this place. Your plans will not work o!! I Curse every root of animosity and Chaos in this my blog family, devil PACK YOUR LOAD OH BEFORE I VEX AND STAND UP...*Reaches for Holy Water and handkercheif*. Every root that was planted to cause war here I Uproot it RIGHT NOW, fall down and DIE, DIE, DIE, in Jesus' MAGNIFICENT, MATCHLESS name! and blogsville will say.......AMIN, AMIN, AMINNNNN OOOOO!!!

Random fact:
~During lunch breaks in Carlsbad, New Mexico no couple should engage in a sexual act while parked in their vehicle, unless their car has curtains. :)

Ebony has spoken. GBAMMMMMM!!!


  1. The thing tire me sha, I didn't even know it escalated. Hopefully they'll kiss and make up. Have a nice sunday babe.

  2. lol.ill def come back tomorrow and tell you what i learnt in church.and dont worry,it wont happen again,ive grown a thick skin,ill be soo nice to the rudest person sugar would be jealous.

  3. some feisty conversation is good for the health. me thinks.. we just need to know where to draw the line...

  4. Myne: asin this people wnt to kill us oh!

    Leggy: good you should come back and tell me oh. Grow the skin oh we all need it, be nice and do good oh...

    aka: you are right oh, these people need to draw a very visible line....

  5. lol@Ebony. Funny post

    I feel everyone should have a right to say what they want to say, we can't all agree with each other and we should have an open mind to an extent but like Bagucci said there should be a line where we don;t disrespect each other.

  6. As much as our opinions may contrast, we have to respect other peoples opinions.

  7. LOL @ good shildren. Don't worry we are going to shurch.

  8. Preach it sis...preach it..So sad the way peepz are goin on these days like we're runnin for a price..

  9. Are you serious???

    Do people actually have frictions on blogville????


    They should make up oh!!! Biko

  10. ok harry where have u been???

    lol this post was funny as heck :)

    so mummy i went to church today. i learnt that we need to help each other discover what treasures God has dropped in us...i learnt that when i woke up...towards the end of the sermon.

    *dodges ebony's slap* i know i know im sorry i slept, i was just so tired!

  11. Taynement: I agree with you oh we can never all agree but very soon there will be blood shed on this place oh!! hmmm i;m just saying shaa!

    Ms. Dufa: You are right oh!! i agree with you.

    Jaycee: Oya what did you learn?

    Trybes: help me oh! dis people want to

    Harry: Hmm i do not know what to say? are you sure you are still here?! better go around and see for yourself oh!

    Cerebrally: Hmmm me sef i wonder for him oh! good girl, glad you went but why were you sleeping? *drawing your ear* that what i said you should do? anyways me i learnt that we should get back on line before the year runs out! time is ticking oh....

  12. I'm with harry-rami itie jare. They need to make up ASAP!!! Two talented people like that.

  13. sugarking: Infact you deserve a pat on the back for that comment! :)

  14. Ebony dearest!
    I missed u
    Re read ur post oh and adjust
    U have vexed me
    U spoke Yoruba and Hausa u dint translate in Igbo
    Biko is dat fair...
    mehn na so i see am ohh
    Blogsville on fire
    am sure its gonna be over soon
    its all part of the love
    my people
    where una dey
    **************8ebony has spoken and i have spokett
    luff u muchos
    hex oh hex oh

  15. My very own sweeteesssssttttt sweetnesssss!!
    I missed you morer oh forgettt!lol
    LOL ehmmm....d reason why i forgot or did not put igbo is that I do not know what it is! please forgive me, or better still tell me!lol
    Oya oh! blogsville, me and my sweetest sweetz have spoken! ehenn! don't say we did not talk oh!

  16. lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao. look for friction in naija news

  17. I didnt know abou' dat. Time to turn on the all seeing eye. Lmao this post just hilarious. I'm new here so hope to read more exciting entries.. :)

  18. who are the people fighting? when did it happen? what did i miss?

    I am lost oh!

  19. Speak on it jare, I was weak like whaaaat? Aniwoos it's a new week so hopefully kasala don finish to burst.
    LOL, where do you get these randoms from?

  20. Oya...
    First time here...

    So many things seem to upset people. I guess we just have to tear our eyes away sometimes, and yes thank God for technology! One millisecond and ur off their page... LOL
    (Thank God blogging about myself doesn't seem to upset anyone! :D)

    I still love everyone, no mara wetin you talk...

  21. you are the second blogger to make mention of this blog wahala thing and again, I feel clueless. Anyway, I remember 2007 when the blogville fighting was hot and anons were on a rampage. It wasn't pretty. So many bloggers left during that time and I must say blogville has never been the same.

    Anyway, I hope that people will realize that opinions are like water, de thing plenty. We all need to respectfully express ourselves and not make or take things personal.

    Life is too short.

  22. M1ke: na real friction o!

    Nita: Hope your all seeing eye is open now.

    Afronuts: have you seen or read about it?

    Original Mgbeks: I tire oo but i believe it is all done now.

    Princess : welcome to my humble abode o. We truly thank God 4 techno lol il stop by ur's in a bit.

    Solomon: Ha! i wonder how you are clueless hope you are aware now? I almost left this place o it was getting irritating. God dey sha. Yes people need to know when to draw the line but it's all over now.


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