Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14th 2010

So as we all know, mummy has been my Val all day! About a week ago I sent her a text message asking if "Her Royal Highness will be my val" of which she responded "Absolutely my model-it will be my honor. And will Ms Ebony be, not only my val, but my daughter over and over again?" *smiling as I type* teeheeee.... I wrote her the sweetest anonymous letter that I have refused to share because it is our little confidential heart to heart. She knows it is me though.One of the lines in my letter was "Chocolate-Perfection will not be alive without the Chocolate Factory." I woke up this morning on a rather bored note as some form of demonic snow was out to get me. I lay in bed as I thought about what love really is. I called an aunt of mine to wish her a happy birthday and we stayed a bit on the phone when I asked to speak to my brother, Yup he was born on this romantic he wasn't home o! Boys went to have fun. He turned 11 today so there is quite a gap between us. Anyways, I skyped mummy for the first time and for an odd reason she does not know how she actually has an account because she did not set it up herself. She said when she saw my name on the screen she was getting scared and wondering what trouble have I gotten into that my name is flashing on the screen, it was too funny. Being the humble lady she is, she did not do anything for herself, instead, she did a lot for my brother so that he could "be happy". I sang her some love songs like "Long distance-Brandy" and a little dance routine LMAO while she turned all shades of red (In my mind) lol and we just e-bonded for a pretty while. She was so happy and made my head swell with "sweet-somethings" hehehe. We gave each other e-hugs and what nots, I just was happy to see her smile. That was my valentines day in a little nutshell.

I was craving cake so badly today that I stood up and drove myself to go get a box of cupcakes. I felt major satisfaction after that. :) Anyways, as I have had a rather boring day, my girlfriends and I are going to a restaurant later tonight to eat and share the love. It is something that should be done on a daily basis and not just february 14th. We are going to look pretty and just have sane bonding time.

PS: This time next week I would be a year older. :D yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!! hip hip hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppp!.....................HURRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Random fact:

~ It is estimated that 40–70% of female homicides are committed by their lovers and spouses

That was my day people. Anticipating my dinner with the girls now.

Ebony. xxxxxxx


  1. Nice that you'd give ur mom a treat...
    And u are right about love being a daily thing!
    All the best.

  2. I though that was really sweet. Your mom must have been thrilled!

    By brother and yours are birthday mates!

  3. Awwww....u nd ur mom are tew cute!!! How sweet! Hope u enjoyed ur dinner!

  4. That's cute... my family was also my valentine.

  5. Awww how sweet!!! You and your mum sound cute :)

  6. Blogoratti:it's the least I can do :s

    Enkay: she had a blast o! she was happy and that is all that really matters.

    BBYW: awww thanks, yes i had a wonderful dinner. :) thanks dearie!

    Suru: na so O!

    Aloofar: You are appreciated.

    Shorty: she is my darling o! :)

  7. Aww how incredibly cute of you and yo mama...

  8. Lovely that you valed ur mum...awww. 40-70%??? That's trifling!

  9. Repressed one: :) thanks for dropping by.

    Jaycee: It is really sad oh!

  10. you and all your facts.
    thats' so sweet, what you did for your mum. happy b'day in arereas 2 ur bro

    check ur inbox

  11. :) thank you!!! (on behalf of him) lol kk!

  12. I love the relationship you have with your mom;)

  13. Killed by lovers huh? Does this mean people would stop "choking" each other now when they do that other "thing"?>

  14. you and your mom are so cool! wow...


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