Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Poison.

Like a thief in the night,you are stealing life from me.

You kiss me deeply with hurt, three days in a week.

When night is near, and I am about to go to bed, you whisper into my ear:
"I have not been serviced and I need some."

You forget I have feelings, bruising me passionately.

I see delight in your eyes, personalized into life.

I wonder if I made a mistake knowing you, help me believe!

Help me trust!

Give me hope!

Personality Psychology 301... I don't like you rough, take it easy and smooth! -And if you continue to try me, i will OSAMA you.

Random fact:
~Psychologists DO NOT read peoples minds. *FYI*



  1. Hmmmm...that was deep

    Lol at "I will Osama you"

  2. hunnnnnn....very very very deep
    ...don't osama him o!!!! lol!

  3. Osama is old gist, mutallab him jare. Take care of you OK? And have a nice weekend.


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