Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter. Death. Life

.....They put the nails through His hands, and pierced His side please understand,
It WASN'T easy,
BUT it was worth it.

I think time has come for everyone to withdraw from the madness of this world and dedicate time to re-evaluate know?! soul-seeking and cleansing. Just a word from my heart to yours.People are dying too easily these days and we unconsciously question where they are ending up. There is no time anymore. Urgency people, live life with a purpose I beg you all. We fall down, yes, but please get up fast! I love you all HONESTLY and want the bestest for everyone. Look for yourself and find YOU. kisses!

Happy Easter. He died a painful death, so we may live!

Random fact:
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. (LOL)



  1. LOL... na so oo!!! Happy easter ma cherie! :)

  2. Happy Easter dear.

    More zinc and copper? LOL..

  3. More zn and cu. Wil go and test my hair o. Lol. Thanks for sharing. Hope u njoyd ur easter.

  4. Myne Whitman: Same to you. yes ooh! go and check yours lol

    Frigile: oya dey go oo!! you are welcome dearie. I enjoyed my easter, hope you did too!?

  5. Smart ppl have more zinc plus copper in their hair? Maybe i should dip my hair in them to be smart huh? Great Idea!

    Happy belated easter!

  6. LOL....I no send you go sha! lol same to you dear! :)

  7. happy easter late greetings but accept

  8. I like this post facebook style!:P

  9. Well said Ebony..nor b lie at all..let's celebrate Him.


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