Monday, May 10, 2010

English 101: Professional lessons from the Amateur.

A noun according to the dictionary is a person, place animal or thing.

A noun is a person: She was someone I passed a lot of time with, shared my space and such. She was the kind of person to speak with the wisdom of an old woman, yet she did not know the intensity of the words she spoke.She is the person behind the 5-inch heels and Mac make-up. She is the person whose identity i shall not disclose.

A noun is a place: The place is the habitat of the man that sucked life out of her every time he thrust himself deep into her. She hated this place but she ran to it like it was a sanctuary of serenity. She would sneak out by telling tales of wanting to visit the sister she despised, all to heal her collage of brokeness, or so she thought.

A noun is an animal: An eagle is the animal I pray for her to shadow after in due time. She sees herself as a snail right now, like life is passing her by. She is blind to the fact that there is an eagle inside of her, if only she would search within. She constantly hides in her shell when she has the ability to fly.

A noun is a thing: This was the weed she smoked at corners of emptiness she squeezed herself into when she was 'hiding from reality.' It was the cocaine she injected herself with, pushing shots of bitterness into her system and wondering why sweetness and happiness knew her not. It was the bottle of alcohol she drank every morning like a ritual once she rolled over her bed in the mornings of new days.

She described the perfect noun but forgot the adjectives her life was missing, like beautiful, wealth of knowledge and the likes.

Everyday, a person dies inside due to one problem or the other. If you have no words or ways to lift their spirit, give them the smile you have on your face. It goes a long way.

Random fact:
~Women experience depression about twice as often as men.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. English lessons? brilliant! What do you say when someone asks you " What are you taking in school"?

  2. lol i hate to hear that but fortunately no one has asked what I am "taking" yet.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You write brilliantly. I'm really hoping to do something for women who are suffering some form of self-defeat when I'm older!! Depression is not the best. Never been but I've heard!


  4. awww....iBlush* thank you for the compliment. that's really a good idea you have, depression just kills the essence of a person's being. :(

  5. This is a beautiful write-up, I hope your friend gets the strength they need to soar. Take care.

  6. OMG coming from you i appreciate! :) Amen o! i pray so as will be while but slowly but surely. :)

  7. Touching! I got plunged into it from the beginning till the last word. Yes, a smile can heal a broken heart :)

    - LDP

  8. aww im glad you enjoyed it. thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it. Yup! give your smile away. :)

  9. love this post!

  10. Oh my gosh, im so ashamed!
    just realized tht i hvnt been here in a while

  11. Wow.... could relate to it right from the beginning... your writing is sensational. You should see my blog...


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