Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apologies!!!! *Sad face*

So it's been exactly a month since I last blogged and that is totally unacceptable and I say a BIGGGG sorry. Life has gotten too much in my way that my blog spirit is dying slowly and slowly. :( I shut facebook down and I am hoping it is for good though so life will resume the way I planned. How are all of you doing? I will go back to blogging constantly hopefully with God's grace. This year has been full to the brim with alot of turns, up and down and whatever you will want to call it but I have learnt to Fly Above all the drama. Yup! Kandi told me to...please listen to her song on my player, that is my life in a song at the moment. So right now I am awake and not anticipating my morning as I have an 8:30am flight back to Tulsa....that place is a hell-hole honestly...Plus when I feel motivated and confident, i will jist you all about my year so far.... I said it right, as January 1, 2010 came and I was robbed, it signified a rough year and that is all life has served me so far but it is building me up. Met alot of people this year, the ones that add to me, the ones that subtract, the ones that confuse and the ones that make straight ways and the likes. I want to run away from reality but it just do not know how to if it is at all possible. I have cried a lot this year and crying is not really a part of me at all but I love it though because through it all, we live and we learn. :) Trading sadness for Joy Unspeakable. I really do not want to go back to Tulsa heaven knows. So Spring break was in Chicago with a friend of mine that I had not seen since high school and so we had ALOT of catching up to do. Fun times I tell you. I wish I could just stay here till life swears and promises to be gentle with me, like heck I'm not a fighter even though I did martial art in high school. LOL. Sorry this post just came as freestyle and it is not proof-read or anything but I feel a need to scream. From my roommate, to everyone around me in Tulsa I just feel not really exactly happy to go back to. Am I scared of something? I don't get it. Is there something inside that I am refusing to face? I need to do some serious soul searching, *puts on to-do list for the flight*. This year I have lost too many important people in my and it bothers me a lot though majority are not concerned but I realized I value people TOO MUCH that it becomes unhealthy, relationships, friendships and such I place too much weight in them so it smacks me HARD when anything happens. It's really crazy though but I have learnt the harder way. I love you all sha and oh yeah I LOVE my *Sweetness* SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Yup! beautifULL sweetie, adopted big-sister by force lol and *Sugarplumrene* is another of my twin little sisters lmao. I love them so much though. So I guess I am out of my happy place and it is officially time to take off the 'pause' button from life and press 'play'.....Here we go again. I will make it, it is only natural I come out strong. I would blog more, I would blog more, I would blog more *repeating it to myself*.

Random fact:
~Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. (This surely has not felt like no desserts to me though.)

I Ruff yhew all....I Pinky Promise.LOL




  2. i hope you do learn to live your life and you should always remember that no human being is indispensable, when you lose people by no fault of yours, you should learn to do the kanye shrug and move on with life.
    have a safe flight.

  3. lol we both took a month long break from blogging. I really hope the rest of this year goes about impeccably for you, my dear! Think positively!

  4. I hope you're much better and things begin to improve soon. Welcome back and look forward to more posts. Huggs...

  5. Welcome back and hope you're better
    Life has been hard for a lot of us this year, but I believe we shall all end the year smilling.

  6. Thank you guys! Yup I am doing good! life is wonderful without my permission! :) love u all and thanks for checking.


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