Friday, November 5, 2010

In search of "happy".

Contentment I have often heard comes from the satisfaction you feel from the things you already possess and not from having all the things you want.

She dug deep into her closet,
She searched tirelessly for heaven knows what.
she wailed in frustration and was bitter.
Her heap of "still tagged" designer clothes still did not give her peace
Instead, she wanted more...she thrived on novelty- the feeling was euphoric.
She looked for her wallets, debit cards, credit cards and stray cash
Oh! She had to go and buy happiness

She bragged about being content to all who listened,
Eventhough she knew deep down inside she wasn't.
187 pairs of shoes, 243 bags and......still counting.
She believed that money could buy her happiness,
In her feeble understanding of life, she sought for "happy"-whatever that word even meant.

Her outside was exuding with wealth and riches
But her inside........was starved.
She believed she had everything
Yet she had nothing.

Random fact:
~male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth from 7 miles away. :D

Have a wickiiiddddd weekend loves.



  1. I love love LOVE..
    happiness has no price but we live in a society where they try to affix a price to the priceless.
    Alot of us have it wrong, our minds are soo short spaaned that we easily get carried away with the hypothesis that its all about quantity..Its actually the quality.. You enjoy this quality when you make a choice to be content..You choose to be satisfied.. You realize that its from the inside out and not outside out..

  2. Agree so much with fowocare, some try to use money to cover their pain. Not easy sha in this crazy world...

  3. True.. Gotta admit, the only thing I like about rich people is their money!!

  4. Money's good

    But it's not everything.

    It should not lacking sha!

  5. Money is surely not everything, i guess its important not to regret the journey of life and to hope for happiness inspite of everything!


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