Sunday, August 30, 2009


It is 6.38am, why do I lie wide awake? So many thoughts cloud my mind. I should be sleeping now so i can get up and go to church but no, these eyes won't listen to me. Anyhooz, so I am loving how Leggy has gone private oh, atleast, all the sweet sweet jist will flow properly. :) Yes i like jist, you too you know you do. My heart goes out to chari and buttercup oh! i feel their pain, we were suppose to be reading about how their summer was going but 'due to circumstances bigger than them' they could not meet up! Don't worry guys, God pass that circumstance. PS: You guys must have blogsville V.I.P area on your wedding oh, IF NOT!!......* Holding my ear *. I'm just beefing you guys don't mind me.

So tell me why, this semester I was blessed with this roomate that is many years older than me, african american, veryyyy blessed in all areas of her body, spare tyres everywhere to even borrow people sef if need be. I was just checking my school mail to see if i had roomate requests (we always get requests from supposed roomies) when i saw that this young lady had been assigned to my room, fear catch me oh!!! because I am a size 0-1 and this woman in question is abou a size 18 or so, where will i begin?? People said she likes walking around naked and I do not like to see naked women at all! She did not like the church I attend, see wahala oh! she does not even like africans, Me i do not know how to fight oh, i do not even know how to look for trouble, when fight is coming and is bending towards physical, i will just 'pity' you and go...(hehehe in my mind). So I left that room quietly.

So a week later, I got the opportunity to switch rooms and there was only one room open so I grabbed the opportunity oh! First of all, I opened the door.....cheiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! asif tornado plus hurricane passed through, shoes on the table, cocoa butter on the floor, the cover was under some nasty looking pant like that, the floor was covered in total DIRT! omo...what did i do wrong this summer now that i am paying for this? Trust me, my camera is my best friend, i took pictures of the room mehn. Ask me why i did that, i don't know oh! After a while sha, when it was cleaned and in order, I moved my stuff into the room, I had to bleach basically everything in the room mehn I don't know how some girls do. This one sef walks in class building like one freshhhhhhhhhhh, clean madam. So 1st night, we all slept peacefully and all. Next morning, I got up fast, made my bed and ran so my roomate does not enter the shower before me, LOL the girl no baff oh, she just sprayed herself and washed abi wiped her face with a towel and all that. She ironed her clothes and went to class. I was shockedddddd outta my skull.

Since I have been in this room, her clothes smell like mould is growing on them mehn. Asin it is horrible, she does not fold her clothes, or arrange anything, she spilled some sort of juice in the fridge for days and has not cleaned it but she still puts things in the fridge oh my people. What will i do? I really hate to see dirt or smell anything unpleasant and this madam is making an effort to make my semester a memorable one. (I went out of my way to buy all sorts of air-freshener oh, plug-in, the spray one, the incense kind of thing, one that dissolves and all that). I spoke to her to please try and keep things we have to share together like the fridge and bathroom a bit tidy but this lady no wan gree oh! I got back from class and saw a nasty looking face towel in the sink, her ironing board and some bag inside the small bathroom. Hmmmmm! i am tired oh! I wrote her a note again but to no effect.

I am always disinfecting something or cleaning or wiping or picking something up from a grown woman like my mother paid thousands of dollars and said i should come come and do 'Ekaete' work. What do I do now? And i cannot move because there are no rooms anymore. I don tire to dey clean oh, cinderella sef got tired and reclined to her little space/room in her wicked stepmum's house. People have been making fun of me that no matter how I try to divide the room (my side and her side) the cockroaches will still walk into any side they desire, See my life abeg! :(*

Let me go to church and pray for a miracle oh! All of you should stand up and go sef, better still go to Blessing's outlet for e-service. (someone should please teach me how to insert links into this thing).

PS: Guys, before you start following woman, make the effort to see what her room looks like oh, ladies too better take note. :) (this is a learning experience for me oh as madam get bobo dat she will be using to oppress me in the middle of the night) God pass her!

Random fact:
~Turtles can breathe through their butts! :)

Have a wonderful week peoplezzzzz!

PS: A couple pictures on how my room looked before its 'resurrection'.

Yuppp!!! and a whole lot more! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! before my skin will begin to lose its Ebony uniqueness. :(



  1. Extremely ridiculous but under this circumstance there is lil or nothin you can do other than live with it,do the best you can and hope that things are gonna change pretty soon..Thats part of the lessons of life..toleratin others no matter how bad or terrible they are..Trust will live through it unscathed if you manage the situation well..

    As regards the link i could help out if you provide me with a chat ID where i can explain to you..

    Best wishes..

  2. lol...i hate people who cant be minimally neat,i dont care if your bed isnt neat but try and make public areas you share with others wa oh,i don tire for these people.

  3. @ TRYBES: I will survive oo, though it seems impossible.

    @leggy: I don tire myself oh! shes soooo i don't even know sef, lol. God dey sha!

  4. Just grin and bear it, clean without feeling the matyr. Such is life, we grow and learn. Before you know it, you'll find another place to move out.

  5. Dayum!! Now that's just nasty!!

    The only good side to it is you haven't stepped on any used condoms yet..

    Or have you?

  6. Myne whitman: I am learning oh! God dey oh. I hope i will be able to move out fast.

    RocNaija: Tell me about it. I have not yet stepped on anything oh, hopefully....:)

  7. LOL, *the girl no baff oh* loooollll...ah iv seen dirty people, but never this dirty, haba!

  8. Mehn...that is some dirt,SMH.
    Keep those air-freshener coming :)

  9. Ha U berra arm your self with clorox, febreze extra strenght and draw the line for battle..Dirty pple no de hear word!

  10. LOL Cerebrallybusy: I've been wondering where i went wrong to get this kind of punishment oh!

    Blogoratti:Dirt with a capital 'D'. Hmmm i will buy a replacement for all of them before they think of finishing. :)

    Fabulo-la: Hmmm i have two cans of clorox o!, wipes, the disinfectant and a whole lot of ish. There is febreze, glade and some other products everywhere. Slap will follow soon to balance everything! (In my mind)

  11. Thats messy! I won't shout to much sha, because I can be a lil bit scattered too. But the difference between I and your roomate is that I always clean up after myself. I'm currently working on my room, would soon put up Before and After Pix.

    LOL. Just manage o, endure. Till u see a way out!

  12. LoL: atleast you were honest! put the pix jare. I promise you, noone can be messier than this madam.

  13. what a filth! That is just crazy!

  14. Oh my Lord that is just unfortunate! Poor you! Pele o...

  15. the girl is a pant!.. ahn ahn this is so uncalled for. eya kpele o, this one na serious prayer. I ll pray for you

  16. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee, add fasting ontop! :) A big dirty slacked pant at that! :)

  17. Hahahaha I feel for you... I would stay out of my room as much as possible if I were u and claim your territory so the girl doesnt start touching your stuff... Pele

  18. hmmmmm touch my stuff, dats trouble oh!

  19. U dey try o cos na so so fight me and that roommate go dey do everyday.

    Thx for stopping by and liking my watch

  20. LOL no i don't want to fight her because she will just kpai! hehe dats why i am pitying her. if not............

  21. LOL I love your expressions girl! I pray that you get a miracle; that she realizes how living in filth is unpleasant, and that she changes her good luck!;)

  22. OMO!!! na wa is oh!!! as in...such a mess was made by a girl???

    i feel for you :( but God's available ;)


  23. Retromus-ik: Thanks oh but which expressions?? lol She needs a divine touch from above mehn! I really needed that good luck!

    David: hmmmmmm a very girly girl sef! God pass her sha! Nasty is small. Im a survivor!

  24. OMG!!!

    Girl you are seriously trying, I really feel for you oh.

    Nothing you can do to this one, but to hope and pray she changes.

  25. i like gist too

    but then that ur roomate, how on earth are you going to get through to her.

    my mind thinks maybe they got the room dirty while doing the nasty. How do you know the guy is clean too.

  26. LOL Tisha: I don't know how il survive but God still dey. How do i know what guy is clean?

  27. Aww thanks babe..we are coming to terms with it. LOL @ the VIP section for bloggers..sure thing! Wow @ the african-american woman not liking africans! What the hell does that mean exactly? MSCHEW! As for your current roomie..I can't believe such women exist. Haba!

  28. hey!
    1st time here
    had a roomate like this ...well not as bad
    but mehn i had to force the babe to be clean by FIRE!!

    nice blog

  29. Awww,sad
    some crosses one has to bear.
    stil, u have to do ur bit as much as you can, the year'l be through before u know it. try not to think of her, it'l make it more difficult to do those things

    on the link thing..this is how i do it..
    -write the word or phrase you want to insert the link,
    -highlight it then open the website you ant to link to in another tab or window and copy the url
    -then, click on the link sign(the chain sign after bold and italics, u have to use mozilla or internet explorer, it doesn't show with opera)
    paste the link you copied and click ok.u r done.

    hope i was of help.


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