Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to my space.

I am young, majorly introverted, a lacto-vegetarian that does not eat vegetables, full of imperfections but on my way to semi-perfect,skin so dark as ebony,I am Nigerian. I live in a world where I do things in accordance to God's will, my conscience, and my heart. I have caught the blogging bug and I am going to be as honest as possible as I can here. This is going to be my online diary.Life gives us all kinds of roller-coaster rides, some pleasant and some parts that we just need God to blot out from our brains, we win some and we lose some, I am going to write them all out and from my perspective of life. So many bloggers out here that have inspired me to blog. If i am asked what exactly is going to be on this blog, I will be a liar so keep on checking back and forth to see new updates and the likes. I will keep this short and precise. I hope to build a long-lasting and meaningful 'blogship' from here. So feel free to drop a line or two!.....

I will give you all one random fact a day as part of my blog extras!

Only humans sleep on their backs! :)

have a great week! don't forget to follow me people!


  1. But sleeping isn't the only thing humans do laying on their "backs" if you know what I mean.


  2. HMMMM! i don't know what you mean oh! LOL jokes! i gotchu! humans do alot on their backs buh in this case only humans sleep on their backs! Thanx!

  3. Welcome to the blogging life..I must warn you, it can be very addictive..I will definitely be back to read your future posts
    Thanks for following my blog :)

  4. LWKM @ Nice Anon..

    Okay, so I'm a bit confused..
    Forgive my ignorance..
    I thought vegetarians only ate vegetables??
    So.. uhm.. what exactly do you eat?

  5. welcome to blogsville babe. you are going to love it here that is an assurance, but its addictive o.

  6. Hmmm, did you just say you are from Ebonyi State?

  7. a lacto-vegetarian that does not eat vegetables?!?!?!
    I'm confused. How does that work??

    welcome to blogsville, dear!!! xx

  8. lacto-vegetarian?
    I am confused???

    Welcome to blogsville babesxxx

  9. Hey you guys, thanx for the coments!, okay i have been warned that it can get addictive, I will take note of that. Secondly, I am a lacto-vegetarian cuz i eat dairy products but not the meat/flesh, i eat vegeatbles but not so much, i'm confused myself but thats how it goes. LOL And lastly rethots, I am not from ebonyi state, My skin is dark as Ebony! :)

  10. Lol @ Nice Anon.
    Welcome to the family. We keep growing everyday.

  11. Thanx alot! im glad to be a part of it! :)


  13. i like u olredy..
    nd thnx 4 stopping by!

  14. thanx bubbles!!!....LOL @ gee! thanx and ur welcome! xx


    Welcome to Blogsville
    Have a lovely stay
    No bloggers block o! so update soon

  16. Welcome to Blogsville!!!!

    You an Adventist or a student/ ex student of Babcock University because those are the instances I hear of Lacto-vegetarians.

    once again Welcome

  17. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! no i am not an Adventist nor an ex Babcock student, it's just my preference, I'm not sooo into meat. Thanx though!

  18. Is it too late to say Welcome? So only humans can sleep on their back? That's interesting...Lol@The Girl With Red Hair,where did you get that from? Babcock students are so in love with their meat, even if it's illegal.


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