Tuesday, August 18, 2009

See me see confu oh!

10.50am, the weather was full of confusions, to rain or not to rain? That was the question it tossed to and fro. The ground was somewhat muddy and wet from the little droplets of rain that had dropped earlier on. This was one of those mornings where it took God himself, in collaboration with my devotion to going to class to actually get me up from the bed. I did the necessary morning rituals such as taking a shower, brushing my teeth, making the bed amongst dressing up and saying a little prayer to Him who woke me amongst other things before I finally set off to class. I bought a pair of Steve Madden heels yesterday and was so happy to put them on this morning, it motivated me to walk to class without thinking of the journey. Lwkm!

Long story short, I had a Social Psychology class. These people kept on going on and on about alot of different issues, you know how it is with all these Psych majors that want to feel as if they are the deepest people on earth, (I am a Psych major aswell but I am laid-back) plus I had not had breakfast yet so I particularly was not in the mood for all their little bickering debates and what not. From nowhere, some guy I would predict to be in his middle 20s just got up to say "You can have integrity without morals!" ........say what???? It took me a hot minute to understand how that is possible. I am still in a bit of confusion because from what I have always known, your integrity will be a result of your morals...abi? I could not even shout sef, the whole class began to shout and air their views, some agreed and some disagreed. Hmmmmm, confu attack o!

I need to know what you all think please, because to me it sounds like your mother did not give birth to you, you just dropped down from heaven, that is not possible now. We are learning everyday so please pardon my 'ignorance' if at all it really is. My brain is still having a summer overload, it has not yet swung back to school mode.

P.S: I am trying so hard to gain weight but it's not happening. All my life, I have never worn an american size 3....Yup! i said 3. I range from a 0-2. It is becoming of great concern to me because when people see me, they all have questions to ask like are you alright? like do i have some sort of illness. Lately, I was on my summer high, on my way back to where I belong, at the airport, the security people or agents were asking me if I am legal to travel alone, if i am up to 18 yet. I FELT INSULTEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! c'mon now, atleast my face is not that young jo. I've tried eating like a pig but I can't tell where the food goes.

Ehen so back to the question.....IS IT POSSIBLE TO POSSESS INTEGRITY WITHOUT MORALS? If yes, please supply reasons so I understand.

I still have not had breakfast, I need to go. Leave your thoughts behind and have a goal-achieving week.

Random fact:
~Butterflies taste with their feet.

Peace people....XXXX



  1. Lolllll @ eating like a pig. I am totally with you on those comments. Some people can really be so insensitive and rude. But honey I'll say embrace your size 0 body o... When your body needs to gain weight it will.

    1460+ dreams a year??? *does the math* But there are only 365 days in a year? Are you talking multiple dreams in one night? Lol because I can tell you for a fact that the number of naps I have is usually less than 10 a year.

    Integrity without morals... er I will have to get back to you on that one.

  2. immediately i heard that i was like huh?
    and im a size 0 too...im not even sweating it...you shouldnt too.

  3. Miss. Fab: I am trying to embrace it with every breath in me but I need weight. LOL even small. Now that you say it (365 days in a year) al have to change it.LOL please get back to me. :)

    Leggy: I will try not to sweat it.

  4. na wa oo! What is with the influx of skinny folks on blogsville?
    Things will take care of itself. it always does.

  5. Nice anon: me myself I do not know what is happening but God dey.

    Rene: I wish it was that easy! but day by day i will try it.

  6. don't sweat your weight...you'll see the benefits of you being the way you are especially when you start havin kids **wink wink**

    INTERGRITY without MORALS...hmm, at first...i was goin to say it's impossible but it depends on how you look at it and i think it's possible:

    you have man A and man B...

    man A's philosophy is I WOULD NEVER LIE EVEN IF MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT...he's a rogue and murderer but he's never been caught in the act. He robs a wealthy man and his identity was exposed. In order to keep it a secret, he kills the man and escapes...no witness, to trace back to him.
    He become's a suspect and he's asked if he killed the wealthy man and without thinking, he says YES. He is sentenced to life in prison without parole...that's intergrity, right? He keeps to his word and philosophy but he lacks morals

    Man B's brought up to be kind and help the poor and the needy. He grows to be wealthy and well known. He's never lied and has never stolen. He's humble and generous. He mistakenly stumbles on documents that show him that his company's products are no longer of the same quality. They are now inferior to what they used to be but he's making more profit. He does nothing and isn't lying to his consumers since he found out by mistake and he isn't involved in the marketing. He still is generous and gives bake to the community.
    He has morals but lacks integrity, right?

    I hope this helps...they are independent of each other but in order for an individual to get recognised they have to go hand-in-hand...that's what i think...

    WOW!!! that was long...ok that's it for me...for now...lol!

  7. woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! that was a longggggggggggg post, not even a comment, lol. Thanks though,you have made me understand and it makes sense in a way. i appreciate!

  8. Lol...lyk everyone has said, biko dnt sweat the weight thing. Na God mke us like that...dnt over do the eating thing,jst eat healthy.

    U knw am on the same boat wiv u, I'm embracing my body and luving it o jare.

  9. Undercover07: I am actually beginning to like it now. :)

  10. I'm a size 0 too and my mom let's me know it almost everyday. She's always nagging me to gain weight. Don't worry about it as long as you're healthy. That integrity/moral thing is too much for my brain right now o...

  11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ it's too much fot your brain, c'mon you can do it!

  12. muyiwa thanx for stopping by!

    blogoratti: hmmm me too i just learnt about that.

  13. As long as you're healthy, the weight is not an issue. Just make sure you're eating well and all. Not all skinny people are healthy. Integrity without morals or morals without integrity is the act of weaving a web of deception. I think you can not have one without the other.

  14. I am a size 4 the way i am. As long as u r healthy... Life's good!

  15. Maxine thanx for the tip, i am eating as much as i can but to no avail but I have no choice but to thank God. I feel your opinion on they can't work without each other, I am beginning to reason that way aswell.

    Chayoma:I wish i could be a 4 aswell, but I think I am healthy so no much yawa. Thanx a million for stopping by!

  16. lol i feel you about been insulted. I used to see it as a compliment, but people need to chill haba...

    You have a fast metabolism that is it..

  17. Don't you just love how a pair of shoes can motivate you? LOL.
    Hmmm integrity without morals ke? Doesn't make no sense.
    All slim people wanna gain weight and bigger people wanna lose weight. The grass is always greener.

  18. BSNC: Thanx o! abi oo, they should blame God for making us 'portable'. Werey people.

    Original Mgbeke: Hmmms shoes do wondersssssss oo! And yh, fat pipl want to be slim, slim people want weight, the irony of life.

  19. No morals without integrity and vice versa. In the process of upholding one, you have the other, gba gbe.

    Butterflies and their taste, another nice trivia. Keep em coming.

  20. Hmmm myne whitman has spoken ..... GBAM!!! thanx!!!

  21. Lol @ confu attack! That statement doesnt make the least bit of sense to me. You should have asked him what the hell he meant..mschew! My secret to weight gain is chocolate! And soda too!

  22. Buttercup it will make sense when you are in such a position oh! that's some graduated english right there. LOL dnt mind me. Iv been eating chocolate mehn, right now, maltesers is beside me, i ate snickers this morning and drank pepsi. :) thanx alot!

  23. integrity without morals ke? omo that wan pass me oh...hahahaahah! we are in the same shoes oh! no matter what I ear pffft I go jus stay as I dey.....but I here once I start bearing kids we'd fill out well...then you will be grateful for your physique wen your mates are looking yeeeaaarrs older and you are aging graceful

  24. LOL im happy about my size now oh! And i never want to fill out again sef. D smaller the better for me. :) But i won't mind aging gracefully. heheh!

  25. Hi there,thanks for your message.i appreciate it

    How can anyone have integrity without morals???abeg jooo,its like that argument that a man can love his wife without respecting her...

  26. LOL ur welcome...anytyme. I know oh! it does not make sense to me at all.

  27. lol im a psych major too so i know what u mean...this oyinbo people their own is too mush...and girl people would kill to be like u..as in eat and not gain weight..lol but if it really bothers u maybe you should see a nutritionist..

  28. Hey. I came across your blog recently and I have been reading nice, funny and well written stuff. I read the letter to your dad at work and I got teared up. (Im a dude). Thats cos Ive got a dad who's going through chemo also and I relate to some of the things you wrote.God bless your dad..and mine too &my love to your wonderful mom.


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