Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And darkness creeps in.....

There is time for everything according to the Bible and even the common world we live in. What determines when that time is right? How do we know when her bells are ringing? She feels she is ready for this, little does she know she does not have even one of the necessary requirements for this long and tedious journey. She is full of questions that she wants to ask the world, but to whom will these questions be directed to? Gravity could not stop her from embarking on this journey but nature and life had a strong hold on her. Into this mess she found herself and a way out of it she sought daily.

BOUNDARIES.....Oh how she forgot your place, she no longer respected you and she forgot you had the power to shake and move things, kind of a wake up call back to reality. You told her what to do and how far to swing, you also drew the line that disobedience wiped away. I can sense and feel the big frown on your face, I apologise. She chose to follow the hard way when you assured her as long as she stayed within the circle you mapped out for her, she will be fine and no force on earth will break her.

Self-respect..... once upon a time, you both use to communicate daily, it was a certain devotion she had to you, but she grew up, grew into alot of misfortune, youthful exuberance and adventure stole her from you and you lost that friendship that you once had. She was doing well with you, she was regarded as 'the mature one who had a focus in life,' little did they know. She lost herself. She became stranger to me and alot of others.

Values.....hmmmm, I weep so bad when I think of you. From when her mother pushed her out into earth, you became a part of her, you were her first childhood friend, the one who taught her that there was a God up there, the one who she first heard the word composure from when she fell and bruised a knee. Where is she today? Distance is killing the both of you, I can tell but you both won't speak up.

Morality.....You have been murdered. Dat's all i will tell you. I have been hearing your heart calling out to her but she does not want to turn back and listen to you. She feels the natural 'high' that comes with her age. I tried to book an appointment with her to meet you on many occassions but she kept on giving me the daily 'I am busy right now, tell him we will see when I get back.'

Self-control.....I warned you not to leave her no matter how hard she tried to push you away but No you disobeyed me. What has she become today? What is your explanation in that respect?. Pride in all his ugliness and bismal ways that the young and ignorant cherish, have blinded her. to my office right away.

She is torn apart with no bearing whatsoever on how to re-gain strenght.She wants to start again. Could she finally be growing up? Why does she feel the certain need to wake up? Was life overwhelmingly dramatic for her? Nonetheless, those questions are not for me to ask, I would play my part in rebuilding her in the little ways i can. I am teaching her to get beauty for ashes, strenght for fears, gladness for mourning and peace for despair. It is a dark journey but I got this. I am able.

Random fact:
~A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. LOL

Have a 'wicked' week blogsville.(In a good way c'mon)



  1. Yea you got this, that is the spirit gal..

  2. seriously?a crocodile cant stick its tongue out?wow...and nice post.

  3. @ leggy: Nope they don't have that ability! :) thanx for dropping by!

  4. Love it! As long as you're alive there's BSNC said, you got this!

  5. I am more than alive..thanx though and yup! i got this!.

  6. Lol @ d croc fact.... Yup u r def. able if u truly bliv u r... nice post

  7. I looovee the extras, thanks girl. I see you're new like me. Check out my blog and leave comments. It's a novel in progress. Thanks

  8. wow. this was so nice. def one of the best posts i've read in a while.

    love your blog! thanks for stopping by mine. haha at that fact. so they can't do this :p... ah how unfortunate lol

  9. TAioFierce: Thanx

    Myne Whitman: I will stop by yours aswell.

    Miss.Fab: Thanx alot, I really appreciate. And Nope they can't do that, so take advantage of your ability to do it. :)

  10. Truth be told, a crocodile doesn't need it's tongue for much..

    As long as it's teeth are flashing!!

  11. histreasure: I appreciate!

    RocNaija: Ok oh! i hear you. Thanx for stopping by.

  12. Buttercup: I learn from you all. :)

    Pakkaramu: Thanx for stopping by!

  13. I really enjoyed it. You express yourself very well!

  14. Retromus-ik: :) I'm getting better at this....Thanx alot.


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