Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Smile.

I am highly motivated to blog tonight for a very weird reason but oh well, I sat down today just thinking about my mother. Fear of the unknown consumes me these days that something bad will happen but I reject it. God is faithful. So I kept on thinking about my mothers smile all through out today, i wonder why her smile though. Smiles can seem mundane, or even trite until you go for a couple of months forgetting the light they bring. A while ago, my mother forgot how to smile as life overshadowed her 5"4 body. She was busy dealing with the cancer that had decided to reside in my daddy's brain and in our lives unfortunately. Along the lines or taking daily trips to the hospital and usual conversations with the devil to go back to where he came out from, slowly tears began to replace smiles and fasting and prayer became happiness.

Well as life would serve us, there came the heaven rejected and hell sent in-laws who never fail to play their part in making life miserable for the widowed woman. She suddenly forgot how a smile was created or formed, her brain just could not draw that line across her face and pre-cancer, my mother was a well of laughter.

The pillar of strength that my mother is did not settle for less neither did she trade words with the devil for too long, she knew better than that and she began to go back to her days of inner glow and outward beauty. Mehn my mother is beautiful oh. (She gave me some aswell, to God be the glory).Something in her just always lets me know I am safe when I'm around her. Nothing gives me more joy today than when I pick up the fone when she calls and she has endless laugh sessions when we have some jisting times and she calls me "gbo gbo bigz gyalz"....I appreciate laughter like never before because once upon a time, mother knew not how to laugh. God really gives beauty for ashes, strength for fear, and gladness for mourning.

Brighten someones day with a smile this week people.

Random fact:
~ Newborns tend to have more preference for a person with a smile then a person that is not smiling



  1. Mothers...specially created by God. Thank God for glad she's smiling again. In-laws and their wahala,Lord help us to have good in-laws.

  2. Nope! fabu....daddy passed away 6years ago ( I am totally over it so do not sympathize please) lol i was just reflecting!

    Undercover: Amen oh! God will give us what he knows we can handle

  3. Thank God for your mum, her story is a testimony. Glad for your smile, it has put one on my face.

  4. Fabu: Thanx for checking...:)

    Myne Whitman: I tell you, it is a BIG testimony...heheh glad i put a smile on your face..that feels good!

  5. Gigling away! what a beautiful ending.Sometimes we dont appreciate what we have till its gone! In your case,it came back! Thank God for he reings!

  6. Awwwww...this was beautiful. I'm so gonna smile all week ehn. beautifully written nd I know God will make ur mummy smile nd keep her smiling.

  7. glad your mum is fine now.
    mothers are really a blessing to the world.

  8. Trybes: You really do not know what you have oh!

    Scribbles: I appreciate....smileeeeeeeeeee. Make sure you keep smiling oh!

    Leggy: She is fine oh we Thank God. They really are treasures!

  9. moms! what can we do without those perfect people. your mom sounds cool! new born babies won't like me

  10. A great tribute to your mom! Lord knows our mothers are a source of strength.

    Hope all is well!

  11. our champion mums, hope we become as good as they are. it will be fine love.
    thanx for stopping by mine!

  12. HYAW:new born babies won't like u??? whyy? u should start smiling! lol

    Solomonsydelle: All is well, thanx for stopping by.

    Omotee: Ur welcome...thanx for returning the favor

  13. My mum is my safe heaven and my source of strength, and I pray to God to always make her happy.

    You have got a wonderful mum!!!

  14. Awww, I always want mine happy aswell! Thanx for stopping by!

  15. Awww Lovely write-up. Thank God for mothers.

  16. We thank God for our ma. Glad she is fine, funny thing people complain that i smile too

  17. @bsnc: lol.

    I'l kip displaying my 32.

  18. @bsnc: lol.

    I'l kip displaying my 28 w8n to reach 32.

  19. Its awesome to have someone finally write sth beautiful abt her mum. .
    I pray she keeps on smiling. . . .

  20. @bsnc: I hear that alot aswell oh. They can't

    @fragile looks: U actually counted your teeth? hmmm..sha keep on exposing them.

    @sunnyside: What do you mean finally? lol amen oh! she will keep smiling. thanx for dropping by guys.

  21. WOW!!!
    this made me realise
    how much i miss my mom's smile
    I haven't seen the woman in over 2years
    thanks and i pray that God
    continues to give us reasons to smile
    kisses hun...

  22. hahahaha....:p *U should see me sticking my tongue out right now* I'm still beefing you for laughing at me on my last post. Yes God gives us daily reasons to smile oh!. Have a wonderful day.

  23. oh she is a supermum hey... we should appreciate the little things inlife for real like smiles and laughter... May God give us strength

  24. this is amazing.
    I think I was close to tears? This is amazing. Your mum seems really wonderful, well obviously she is. Make her proud. (I think you already do but yeah, bye) :]


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