Saturday, October 3, 2009

He loves me. Not....

He slammed my head in the door.
He kissed me deep.
He made promises.
He threatened me.
Black eye.
New shoes.
Busted lip.
Brand new ride.
He hit me.
He begged me.
He said everything.
He meant nothing.
He loves me.
He loves me. Not.....

PS: this is not me. I just got inspired by an event.

Radom fact:
~Beethoven was extremely particular about his coffee, he always counted 60 beans per cup.

Have a wonderful weekend. Remember :You're never fully dressed without a smile.



  1. Hmm so after we dress .. we should "draw" a smile on our faces to be fully dressed abi?

  2. lol@nice anon.
    the write up was nice though.

  3. Nice! People stay in bad relationships for all d wrong reasons

  4. Your poem is very well written, the lines just jump out at you. DV will remain a no no for me.

    LOL at Beethoven and his coffee.

  5. lol @ nice anon
    luv d write up sha.....very much
    I always knew Beethoven had a comma, i dint kw twas dis insane

  6. Great poem. That was me 2 years ago.

  7. @ Nice Anon: Yup you got it right! lol

    @Ms Dufa: I tell you, but they say no one will understand till you are in the shoes so i can't say much. lol

    @Myne: I appreciate...:D Im getting good, yaaayyyyy

    @Rene: Dnt mind beethoveen oh! mad man. lol with mad skill

    Kymmy: I am really sorry to hear that, glad it's gone.

  8. Really simple and to the point. I like. Lol at Beethoven. Seems most people have some sort of OCD in their veins haha

  9. miss fab: This is a serious OCD case oh! ahn ahn! thanx though! hope you are alright!

  10. He loves you not!!!

    I wonder why people still stay in such relationships.

  11. This is more of an infatuation than it is love. It sad tho. Very Thought provoking. Thanks!

  12. TGWTRH: You got it oh! it aint love!

    Sugarking: It's sad but this is plain reality, people need to wake up. Your welcome though.

  13. your piece made me listen to Mario vazquez's Gallery. it's so true

  14. LMAO @nice...

    nice poem, realistic and fictional
    at the same time...

  15. and about the laugh thingy...
    i apologised, now...LOL
    still love you!

  16. Thanx but no thanx oh!!! I still have not forgiven me i dont love u sha!

  17. Love the poem dear!!! How have u been?

  18. Thanx undercover. I am really great, just school, school and more school! :) Thanx for checking on me..i appreciate!

  19. First time here. Feeling the blog. Cool prose, Nice poem.

    That bros Beethoven composed his 9th symphony while deaf!! The guy na my man. Check out his 7th in A major, 2nd movement.

  20. Thanx for stoping by....wooowww, talk about talent! I need to upgrade and do wonders! lol


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