Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank You Jesus! You ALONE.....

Today being sunday, after church I went for brunch with my girlfriends and as we sat together we just spoke about alot of things from the littlest things you could imagine to the big things. I could not help but thank God for who I am and the life I live. I really honestly do not know why God loves me the way He does, but nevertheless I am so grateful. I am ever so grateful:

* I NEVER STARVE: I always get food to eat. ALWAYS. It is never a problem for me to be hungry and not get food. I walk on streets and see people with signs begging for food and I sometimes make comments such as "Why would they not look for jobs no matter how little and survive as opposed to sitting on the road sides and beg?" But i do not understand what they are going through because I have never been in such a position and I will never be there by God's grace.

* I PAY MY TUITION IN FULL: Well my mum does the paying but it is always settled in full. I do not take any loans whatsoever (PS: I am supposed to have a lower tuition rate because my father schooled here, my sister schooled here and my father became a pastor from the school, It's a christian school so because he became a pastor I have a lower tuition rate) but I do not take advantage of it. People run around school trying to get validated and I sit and thank God because I never have to run around begging and crying for fees to be paid and all. God is faithful.

* I HAVE CLOTHES TO WEAR: That is a BIG thing to me. I not only have just a few clothes but i have so many clothes and shoes that I am running out of space to put them. Some people do not know what wearing shoes feel like because they have none, here I am always complaining because I do not have a pair of purples shoes to wear with my Little Black Dress. God please forgive me for not being content. I apologise.

* I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK THIS YEAR: Ebony two years ago was a normal hospital customer, No I am not AS or SS I am pure AA but my body apparently liked the hospital environment. I would go to school at 8am and at 10am I was rushed to the hospital about 3 times a week. This year, I have not been to the hospital for anything at all. I can not even remeber having such a headache that would make me take drugs. My mum was so scared when I was coming to school so she fully armed me with medication for all sorts of things, I have a mini pharmacy in my room. I have not popped 1 pill for jack squigley.

* I HAVE A SOUND MIND: My brain has full cordination. I am not under any psychiatric care or the likes. My brain functions. In primary school, I would come 20th out of 21 or something like that and when I was scolded I would reply "Atlease someone else came last" LOL my father was a very loving man. He would tell me "Don't worry my 'A' student, you will make it", how I wish he could see my results these days. He spoke into being Life.

* I HAVE GREAT FRIENDS: I can count all my friends on my fingers because I generally am not loud or really a public person so the fewer the crowd the better for me. Can you imagine what it would be like to have bad friends? people that would shake your foundation and make you go the way they are bending, I have good friends that never fail to snap me back to reality when I want to fall off track. They are more like my family. I love my friends so much, I could not wish for any other set of friends.

* I HAVE A WONDERFUL FAMILY: I do not even know where to begin this, my family is phenomenal. The love we have is on full blast. btw my cousins, auntys, distant relations and adopted people stay in my house, my mother has a large heart so she always has a way of dragging people into the house. I sometimes complain that there are too many people in the house but now that I think about it, it will be a boring house with no life if the people in it should leave. We love honestly, we forgive easily, we do "I'm sorry's" fast and truely. I could go on and on but they are the best.

* I DO NOT HAVE IDENTITY CONFUSION: I know who I am, I know what I should and should not do, I know my abilities and who my parents brought me up to be. Even if I am stuck in a dungeon with the devil himself, I do not believe right now that my morals or values will be compromised. I stumble once in a while because I am only human but I get up fast and pick up the pace in my life. I am Ebony in the light, I am Ebony in darkness, in the rain, in the shine, behind closed doors etc.

* I AM A HAPPY PERSON: I always have a smile on my face or burst out laughing no matter how boring or dumb someones jokes may be. I am melancholic once in a while but on the majority, I am always laughing. Some people do not have a reason to smile or laugh. They feel life is a big punishment to man while to me, it is a big circus experience where you choose what lane to drive on and maintain sanity in your lane.

* I AM SO HAPPY I AM A CHRISTIAN: born, bred, and still living and enjoying the "God experience". I have not found a better alternative yet so I am still on my journey. I owe God everything I have in this world and more. Praise, Worship, Loyalty, and a whole lot of stuff because what he has done for me, hmmmmmm, I do not have any questions whatsoever about His existence.

* I AM NOT EASY TO CONVINCE: :) I really love this fact but again, it can get annoying because I may have a view point I am standing on and someone is trying to make me see where they are coming from and I just cannot see it. On the reverse, I am not influenced by anything. You can do all you want, you can even get upset with me because I do not want to go clubbing with you but I just whisper in my head "You will be okay" LOL I just do not know why I should club and let random guys that do not know me from anywhere rub on me or get free access to my Temple. SHUOOOO!!!! I can play music in my room worse case scenario and have the same good time or go watch a movie with people. It's just my life.

I could go on and on and this was not arranged in ANY order at all. God would be number ONE if that was the case. I am on fall break now and it's getting cold. HISS* I just arranged my wardrobe and put away my summer clothes. My winter stuff is finally, dreadfully out. lol. God is faithful oh! Do not stop chasing your dreams. It may seem they are far away but NO, they just need a little more pushing from you. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU HAVE ALL IT TAKES TO SUCCEED! "Greater is He that is in You....."

Have a great week!

Random fact:
~"Goodbye" came from "God bye" which came from "God be with you."



  1. When you list it out like this then it all comes together. God is good!

  2. nice one. good thing you are thankful.

  3. Great is he who makes everythin beautiful in his own time..

  4. Nice: God is awesome. Thanx for stopping by.

    Taynement: It's good to be thankful.

    Trybes: He makes everything wonderful if only we would WAIT for Him to do His thing!

  5. I like the part of not having identity confusion. you sound so confident.

  6. Thank you HYAW. I believe i am .... to an extent! :)

  7. Just love This post! so inspiring. We all have a lot to be thankful to God for yet we moan at the slightest things. Beautiful girl!!!

  8. :) thanx alot sugarking. We take alot of things for granted and it should not be! I appreciate again!

  9. I liked this a lot. You really do have a lot to be thankful for and I'm glad you know it. :)

  10. This is an inspiration. God is good all the time when we cast out all on him. Keep on keeping on girl.

  11. David: I cannot forget to thank Him oh. he is just tooooo much.

    Miss fab: :)

    Myne: He is awesome, thank for dropping by.

  12. I suggest a new title...



    Nice one.

  13. its great to be thankful..have agood weekend hun

  14. great list. Nice. Abeg thank your mom for us oh, it is not easy to pay tuition in full and not have to take loans/scholarships. She is definitely trying.

    Stay well.


  15. Unwritten: I know ryt?

    Solomonsydelle: Ah! i thank her daily, it really is not easy at all but God is faithful. thanx for stopping by!

  16. These are great things to be thankful! God bless you.


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