Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To fall in hate.

She breathed life when she was by his side.

Life was beautiful when he called.

She swore they would stay together to see their children's children.

She gave a special offering every sunday in church for their union.

When life overwhelmed her with situations, she looked at him to inhale life.

She trusted him without doubt.

She danced in the middle of the rain to the songs of his memories in her heart.

He was always on "business trips" and the likes.

She began to lose him.

Who will this person be that stole her prince charming?

He began to beat her up when she got a call from another man.

He became 'stranger.'

Who are you? she began to ask?

Where is my love?

She bacame uncomfortable around him.

Darkness began to cloud her heart.

What could it be? she always wondered.

She began to see it....




It was traumatic.



And Oh! wooowww, she found out.....


I must be dreaming. No.....It could never be. Kill me. Kill her. Let's all go and fight in hell together because earth will not contain us.

::::::::::Her BESTfriend was carrying his baby:::::::::::::::

Random fact:
~It is against the law to burp, or sneeze in a certain church in Omaha, Nebraska.!



  1. PRIMO!!! во первых!!!
    where did this come from and that church...???

    hope you are good dearie?

  2. Are you allowed to fart at least?

  3. David: Im good thank you. Just great.

    Nice Anon: Me no know oh! LOL

  4. lol @ nice anon.
    wot wud happen if one breaks d law?

  5. Break the law by sneezing? Huh!

    About your write-up what can I say? Some ppl deserve all the hate they get. But why waste the energy? Make love not war I say.

  6. @Rene: I really do not know what would happen if the law is broken!

    Myne Whitman: yes oh, a serious crime. lol I feel u oh, it takes alot of energy to hate, unnecessary one, LOL.

  7. Love turning to hate is just a wonder for me. I don't think I'll ever comprehend it.

  8. Hmmmm... I thought the same thing but well i guess it all has to do with experience. PS: This is not about me! LOL

  9. wow, that would be cause for serious hate. But, hate is too time consuming if you ask me.

    As per the Nebraska laws, wonders will never cease...

  10. sure did generate alot of hate.

  11. Man, I can't blame the woman for falling into hate for this one.

  12. I cant blame her either. Heaven knows what I would

  13. First time here :)
    i like
    oh wow, thats really good..did u write that?

  14. Hi miss Lore: :) Thanx for coming by here. Yes i did write it! :) Glad you liked it.

  15. lol@nice anon.
    nice write up dear.

  16. She gave a special offering for their union...that really touched. Some things people do when in love...a love that would one day end and really break their heart.

    For that wierd church...nice anon,thats hilarious

  17. Funny how happy times always like to end in sad times...that write up was so real.

    As 4 that church,i wonder what the penalty

  18. Leggy: Im trying to be like you oh! LOL

    Sunnyside: She really gave unfailingly. This world!

    Chimax: All good things come to an end somehow , don't they?


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