Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chaos and Calamity.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelpppppp oh!!!!

I am MAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD, frustrated and irritated right now. I have been trying so hard to write this in an indirect way but the frustration in my heart is beyond me. I probably will delete this post later but....WHATEVER!

ehen, so to the issue at hand. My roomate wants to make me grow old by force my people. I think my general problem is I am too nice or soft-spoke. (Daddy I blame you oh....In a good way sha). This girl has not failed in annoying me on a daily basis and I also am not use to not talking to the people around me, like if we live in the same room c'mon we just have to talk. She does not talk to me, even to say 'hi' is a big problem but i never fail to say hi to her. I tolerate her attitude oh because I am really slow to anger but if I finally snap....Just don't even look me in the eye because I may pluck your eyes out.

So I have come to terms with her that she does not want to have anything to do with me, fine and good. I cannot understand why at this stage in her life she still cannot clean up after herself. I do not care at all if she does not make her bed and the likes afterall i no dey follow am sleep ontop, but haba things i paid for like the bathroom, microwave, fridge and the rest just have to be clean. I go to take a shower on a daily basis, there is hair and soap scum on the wall or the base of the shower, I manage to rinse it to avoid wahala oh and I give her benefit of doubt that she did it unconsciously. Day two, I go to shower, it is still clean because ofcourse she did not take a shower but when she happens to shower, the process is done again.

I want to use the toilet, tell me why the tissue roll is hanging and touching the floor? could she not cut the amount of tissue she needed and left the place looking decent? Is that too much to ask? I forgot to say, as i walk in, there is this big bad og laudry at the front of the door while she is sleeping, i move it to shower. I was on my way out to go to class this morning when I decided to leave her a note. (It just feels weird to me to talk to her or something because she is older than me, though she does not exhibit it but i still give her her respect) I write a short note telling her to please rinse the shower if she takes a bath and she should please not drag the tissue roll all the way to the floor. I apologise also for always being in her space and all that. I try to keep it nice and all.

So i jejely walk back from class this cool bright day. I see a note in reply of the one o previously sent sitting nicely on my laptop keyboard saying:

"Hey you dont have to write letters everytime you see some out of place like little stuff like my laundry bag, you could just move it out the bathroom or oust(I dno what that is) Pull the toilet sheet off. IK we two diff pill + I dont know ur use to living but you have to take into consideration that we are two diff pill, (Me no be tablet oh) we live differently, and the little stuff you pick about is minor! But you can just talk to me about it cause im having a difficult time living with you + Im not at all a junky person(I am sure she really is not...Hiss)...but Id like to wake up one morning or day without a complaint on my desk.


See my life abeg! Is it me that is loving my living time with her? I don't even know what to do sef. Mumsy said I should pick up after her and when i am going to wash my clothes I should go with hers too. I should iron her stuff and just be good to her. Na soo! I really do not know what step to take anymore. I did not even mention how she bothers my night talking on the fone all night. Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!

Okay people, I am taking my size 0 body to the gym to get endorphins! :)
Endorphins make me happy.
Please people what should I do?

Random fact:
~In Cleveland, Ohio, It is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.



  1. lol....see.just ignore this girl.stop talking to her or saying anything to her.anything u see just clean and dnt talk.some people are just inconsiderate like that and stooping to their level is very bad.biko just ingore her.

  2. I guess they should arrest all the cats seeing as they eat those for breakfast.

    Roomates can be annoying

  3. i REALLY agree with leggy, just clean and dont talk...my roommate bothers my study time with calls too :(

  4. lol nice anon: I am sure they will soon start.

    Cerebrallybusy: I will have to get myself to do that!....thanx guys!

  5. lool....se the stewpid chyld....itz u dtz taking it kool wit her.....hiss!
    i kw mums r alwayz right but mhn u'll jus bcum her slave o!

  6. Maybe she thinks you came to school to be her house help. If you keep rising above it,things would get better

  7. Having a knock down drag out fight won't help. Suck it and finish her with goodness. Your mum is wise.

  8. *sigh* mehn I feel for u dear. I think u shd jst ignore her; I knw u feel the need to tlk to ur roomate n all...but for ur own sanity kip it cordial.

    Rinse the bathroom b4 u bathe, clean the mwave when u nid it...and everyother thing jst close ur eyes and face the wall.

    Hpe u can change rooms @ the end of the semester?

    And u can always cme on here release and vent!lOL

  9. And breathe!!!!

    Pele o my dear...

    The lord is your strength!
    Like they said, clean, dont talk AND PRAY!

  10. Iv heard you all! Undercover....yes i will come here to throw it all out! Iv really had enough!

  11. do as i do and say what i say
    **holds ears and rubbs them lightly**

    I offer classes on "Ignoring the fool you live with"...but honestly, do as your mom said...you may not see the importance between her advice but i tell you that she means good

    just as the bible said, pay evil with good
    and my mom told me that the best way to pour ashes on an enemy's head is to be good when you receive evil...tried it and it worked...


  12. :) thanx david! iv chosen to do all you all say! God Bless!!!

  13. Sucks you got her as a roommate...or maybe you can see it as a learning experience...to develop even more patience. Well, you're more patient than I am lol I dont know if I could deal with such behavior.

  14. Me I was gonna say you should switch rooms asap, lol but it seems everyone favors the route of tolerating her and praying etc. Er... that should work I guess.

    Pele though!

  15. LOOOL retro: I am really tolerant i have noticed!

    Miss fab: heheehe hopefully it works oh! me i don tire buh God pass her!

  16. A bad roommate is not just it!

    I don't think u should pick up after her. You're not her maid! and that will only make her take u 4 granted. Just avoid any confrontations with her and still make your point clear. If she doesn't change, just manage her till you can get a new roommate.

    All the best!

  17. Clean after her ke? e be laik say the bish don chop craze for dinner. She can't even spell.
    Don't clean up after her, address her and speak up so she go know say dem no send you to do househelp for her. I really dislike inconsiderate roommates and she would definitely hear my mouth. Nonsense.

  18. I feel you guys oh! i just resolved to cleaning my side oh!! i cant shout abeg! I will survive til the end of semester and waka sharp sharp!!!

  19. Amen! you would survive it, just a matter of time


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